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Versions of Your Higher Self

December 2, 2015

We are here to help. By “we” I mean the higher frequency versions of your self that exist on a continuum of consciousness from Inner Earth to the vast Heavens. You are receiving help each and every moment.  From above, below and within, you are immersed in an intelligence that is far beyond the mental capacity you are aware of currently.  You are breathing it, receiving it through every pore of your skin. It is being vibrated into your cells and your heart is listening, even if your mind is not.

It’s important to know you are getting help.  It makes hope possible.  When things are bad the difference in having hope or not is knowing that there is help.

We are pure intelligence. Our body is nested in this intelligence, just look at it how it functions without your conscious direction.  What is the intelligence that operates below the level of your conscious awareness?  Aren’t you curious as to how this world functions without your input?!  You come from this source and have a direct connection to it, like the umbilical cord from the mother to the child within her womb. It’s important that you know you are part of and participate in this greater intelligence. You will think, act and feel differently if you know this.

Your heart is already tuned into the vast cosmic web of higher intelligence. Tune into it and hear what it hears, see what it sees, and feel what it feels. There is a whole world just below your head that knows more than you can possibly imagine!

Your heart is connected to the heart of the divine, they are One. You’ve been in the cosmic womb and you are ready to be born to the realization that God, the highest Source, the Greatest Light is a version of YOU.  It is written that we are the divine manifestation, that we were made in God’s image. Yes, this is true. But it is not a God outside of us, we are nested within God consciousness and intimately connected, intertwined, even one and the same.  We just haven’t realized it. This is the revolution happening on the planet today: that every being has the possibility of knowing the highest, most exquisite unity of being that is their self. You’ve been gestating for thousands of years and you are ready to emerge into your new consciousness.

Until now the womb that surrounds you is the only world you know.  It’s dark so you can’t know your new self until you come into the light.  We (the ascended and highest frequency of you) are here to help, like midwives attending a birth.  We are light, our words are light, our hearts are light, and our bodies are light.  These words are filled with light and you can drink them in as  liquid light or breathe them as sparkling air.  The medium of the emerging world is light. You are shifting from being centered in a dense temple, the physical earthen body, to a less dense temple, your body of light.  That is why this transition is like being born once again.  Your consciousness, which has only known the physical body as home, is moving. Your central intelligence is moving. The more you understand this the greater your compassion will be for the resistance that is attending this move. The change is so huge and we don’t do big changes so easily when we are ensconced in denseness. But there is a light leading you, just as the light guided Moses (a prophet, an ascended master and a version of your higher self) through the desert.  You are not alone and you are receiving help in the form of light, an intelligence without words but with vast knowledge and the ability to open doorways that instantly transfer you to the new dimension.

The words “opening doorways” are coded to awaken a memory in you of your inner connection to light.  Words like “doorway”, “portal”, “opening” are coded in your cells to help you remember your True Self.

The birthing process does not have to be difficult if there is a light guiding the experience. Your light knows this light already. Your heart knows this light already. It’s time to remember.

Imagine you are surrounded by a circular rainbow of light that is alive and circulating around you. It’s filling you with its iridescent colors, the music of the spheres dancing directly into your cells. These vibrations and frequencies are information that communicate without words. The frequencies communicate directly, without interference from your mind that is clouded by personal need. The information is vibrated into your field and human body so that it will permeate your consciousness and arise as inspiration and guidance when you are capable of knowing it.

Soon you will be more comfortable with this form of communication. It is the universal language….this is understood throughout every sentient dimension.  Our computers are the model for this communication. They exist on silicon X’s and 0’s. Their inner crystals vibrate and translate the electrical particles and waves into information.  Your inner crystal, your heart, vibrates to and translates universal intelligence into words your mind can understand. Your mind can only understand words; but your heart understands immediately and directly the living vibrations of the universe. This is what we call “LOVE”. We know “love” as the all-supportive enveloping deeper wisdom that makes us feel ecstatic and alive, safe and creative, embraced and free all at the same time. Love is the binding intelligence of Oneness. This unifying force flows throughout all of existence and is the stream of intelligence that carries us on its waves through the open doorways into our new light body and new world of light.

Learning to communicate without words, communing in the universal language of frequency is the key to understanding your new light body. If you don’t know how it communicates with the world why would you want to be in it?  What’s the use of sitting in a new car if you don’t have the key to run it? Learning communication without words, vibrational communication, opens the doorway to your new body and ascended consciousness. It’s the key to learning how to live in a body that understands and lives on light. The light eases your consciousness, relieves the anxiety of the huge transition we are going through, and guides us lovingly.  The old paradigm of  “pain and gain” is released and replaced by the ascended states of joy and love.  That is the transition you are going through as earth ascends to her next level of consciousness.  She is done with the old paradigms and ready to shake off the consciousness based on “words” that have promoted limitation and violence. When you communicate silently through vibration you cannot ignore that which is alive around you.  You cannot pretend that death and destruction don’t register if it’s not in your immediate surroundings. You are well aware of all and everything because you are in universal mode.

Awaken, listen to your heart. Become the light of your consciousness by tuning into the universal language of vibration. Your awareness will not be trapped in one dimensional words, instead your words will take on the full dimensionality of vibrational intelligence. They will carry the living energies of light and love and guide you through this great shift into a higher frequency existence. What I’ve been calling “your version of your higher self” is there to help. This is the teaching that the mystics have been holding in their hearts for thousands of years, guarding and nurturing it so that it is kept alive. It is the everlasting light that is kindled and passed from heart to heart in ceremony and initiations that wisdom keepers have protected with their lives. That light exists within your heart, it is the source of your being, lighting the way to your illumination. The planetary awakening is happening now.  As we approach the solstice the wisdom of the cosmos is supporting our awakening.  It’s time to walk through that open doorway into your new life of higher awareness and loving guidance.


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  1. Trish

    I really needed to hear this today. Thank you.
    I think your book is being written now.
    “Insights from A Mystic”
    The book is a collection of these blogs, or essays
    Sometimes it is that simple. Right in front of your
    So grateful

  2. Donna

    Wow Sarah, I just heard almost the same exact message from a different source just yesterday. There are no coincidences, the Truth is near!

  3. Mark Tapajna

    Thank you for this Divine reminder. Your words continue to awaken the Words in me: the deep Words of Wisdom and Light.


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