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2015 Winter Solstice

December 17, 2015

2015 Winter Solstice Energies: Feminine Rising and Planetary Ascension

Each of us has been going through tremendous transformation this year and it’s now time to rest in the silence so that our intuition can tune into our deeper guidance. According to Mayan elders this solstice marks the end of the predominance of the masculine energies and the beginning of the rise of the feminine energies. This is a 13,000 year cycle that shifts between masculine and feminine predominance on all levels, from social and political to spiritual. It means we have reached the extreme of the “masculine” influence and are primed to open to the feminine as the cosmos begins to balance these twin primordial forces that spiral through our being. It is a very long cycle and it’s influence takes hundreds of years to manifest. But in the meantime it’s influence is felt in our subtle consciousness and will impact how we tune into our heart. We will be “bobbling” for a while as the forces begin their shift.

Accompanying the shift from masculine to feminine is another shift: the planetary ascension of consciousness from the third dimension to the fourth. We have intertwining spiraling forces combining to make this time tremendously pivotal. The shift of consciousness from the third to fourth dimension changes everything so much that everything seems different, every way of being on every level will be changing because we are releasing our grip on a solely physical reality to a reality that is less physical and more connected to our higher being.

The rigid focus on the physical has been the only world we’ve known for a long time and the yearning for the more subtle world of the spirit has been so ephemeral, just slightly out of reach. But now the ephemeral is going to be the “new normal”. The greatest proof we have of this is coming from the scientific fields of physics, medicine and technology. Each of these disciplines is tapping more and more into the subtle nature of reality. Energy medicine is now recognized, the impact of consciousness on hard physical reality is accepted, and technology seems unlimited in its reach into the micro and macro worlds. We are slowly but surely moving into more refined realms.

These changes are bringing us to the threshold of a new version of our identity. How we recognize and know our “self” is changing dramatically. Veils of limitation are being removed and we are now capable of knowing ourselves as the Creator beings we are. The doorway to understanding and living from the consciousness of Oneness is now open. A whole new way of being is opening before us and this amount of change can be overwhelming.

We may feel split between two worlds or fearful of the unknowns. The way we understand ourselves is changing so fast it feels like we’ve dissolved into a sea of change. The lack of control and the opportunities to lose our way feel very risky. So it’s time to make a commitment to the new and let go of the old. That’s the theme of this year’s Winter Solstice Ceremony. The new consciousness is integrated and heart centered. While we know this it is still hard to let go of the fragmented mental focus that has dominated everything in our lives for so long. Remember, consciousness determines everything from our biology to our spirituality, from cell to soul, so when we go through a dimensional shift EVERYTHING changes including us. Consciousness is not just around us, it is US. We are pure consciousness. Finally as the grip of the last age is loosening we are able to know the light of our consciousness and experience directly the ecstasy and divinity of our being. This has been hidden behind the denseness of physical reality so long that we’ve forgotten. This is the time of remembering who we truly are. We are the embodiment of light and wisdom; connected directly to source and capable of knowing this fully and completely.

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