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Healing Intuition….Your Inner Physician

January 10, 2016

Before there were doctors and nurses there were healers, shamans, and medicine people. Before we started looking outside of ourselves for healing help we were our own healers. Our healing intuition was active and accurate. Our consciousness is able to traverse multi-dimensions for answers and cures that are in alignment with our higher consciousness and life purpose.

Only in the last several hundred years, since modern science took over have we lost our belief in our own healing ability. Instead of receiving support to open up to our own inner healing wisdom, we were convinced that we were totally incapable of knowing what was happening inside our own bodies. We’ve been led to dissociate from our body and live in our heads, completely ignoring the wisdom that speaks directly from within us.

Think about these three points:
–You are inside your body.
–Your consciousness of yourself also includes consciousness of your body, inside and out.
–You’ve been told the inside of your body is outside of your awareness so you don’t even know about this amazing intelligence.

Are these novel ideas? All of the space inside your body that seems dark and inaccessible is filled with your conscious awareness. The empty space between the front of your body and the back; the dark inner regions that needs stethoscopes, MRI’s and blood tests to detect, is detectable with your own awareness because it is you. You and your body are one. This is the foundation of holistic medicine. Mind and body are ONE.

If this is true and you are ONE with your body, you know what is going on in your body at any given moment. You are informed and connected. There is a direct link between your thoughts, feelings and your body. Modern medicine has proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt. If this is true then your mind knows what your body is doing and your body knows what your mind is doing.

I’ve never felt more connected and empowered as when I was able to journey inside of my body and reclaim it as part of my awareness. The sense of aliveness, of feeling immersed in the beauty and source of my own physical body brought me to tears.  –Lois P.

How do you access this information? All kinds of devices and modalities are leading us back to our inner knowing. Biofeedback, neurofeedback, kinesiology, tapping energy points, chakra healing, Reiki, body talk, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture and more are opening the door to the inside of our bodies. They are links and bridges to our inner knowing, drawing us inside to discover our own inner healing capabilities. But they are still external and separate.

Your healing intuition is the connection between your mind and body. Intuitive intelligence has been dismissed and discredited by those who want to control others for some kind of personal gain. Those who have dissociated from their own bodies to the point where they’ve forgotten the power of their own intuition will seek to disempower others as well.
Your healing intuition is your guide to healing and well-being. Of course you will partner with others, those who have become professionals in the field of healing and medicine, and yes they have information that may be the key to your recovery, but you are the first and primary physician of your own being. When you seek help from another see if they respect your own inner healing intuition and if they do then you will have a true healing partnership.

Awakening your healing intuition is a matter of remembering and claiming a skill you already have. As modern physics and the internet has demonstrated, all knowledge is accessible at all times. We live in a sea of information that exists in frequencies outside of our five senses. Developing our healing intuition give us access to those frequencies.

Our military believes this, why don’t you?

It is widely known that the US and Russia utilize a form of intuitive intelligence called Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is being taught all over the world now as a way of awakening our intuitive intelligence.

Remote viewing is the ability to access information outside of us through inner knowing. Military remote viewers access secret military installations, remotely infiltrate war rooms and military plans, and find missing planes and people using our intuitive ability to connect with all information everywhere. You can find this information by searching the Stanford Research Institute, (Russell Targ and Hal Putoff’s work in remote viewing) and the words remote viewing. These are not conspiracy stories, these are real and documented accounts of verified remote viewing experiments and its impact on human potential.

I was so shocked to see my actual heart inside my body. I almost shut down my inner seeing but I caught myself and allowed the amazing site of my physical heart to fill the screen of my inner consciousness. I was entranced and then immersed. The consciousness of my heart took me on a journey through its intricate physiology as if I was watching a full color video. The difference was in the feeling of being “inside and part of” instead of “outside and apart”. It’s hard to describe but once I penetrated the boundary of my own skin, many other boundaries of consciousness and life opened up to me.   –Richard D.

Remote viewing is a doorway into our own bodies. Learning how to use our intuitive intelligence to remotely view the interior space of our own body gives us access to our own healing intuition. You can actually view the inside of your body. You can see with your intuitive vision or feel with your felt sense your organs, tissues and even your diseases. You can be in communication with all that is going on under your skin and enter into a healing relationship with yourself through your healing intuition.

Once you are connected to your healing intuition you are led to connect to the innate healing wisdom of life. The subtle essence that rises out of the mysterious, source creation energies, the Qi, Ki, or Prana that wholistic healers refer to when they are unblocking and harnessing our innate vital energies for healing. This is what makes us feel alive and connected to the great web of life. It is the path to claiming a positive and empowered self-image and restores confidence and power in our intuitive wisdom.

Remote viewing is only one example of our ability to access the awareness that already exists within us. There are many ways to develop your healing intuition; many ways to know the full you. The goal of healing intuition is to reclaim your full awareness of who you are and the source of life that connects us to body, mind and spirit.


See: Awakening Healing Intuition: A Sacred Pilgrimage to Embodiment 
Sedona, Arizona, May, 16 -20, 2016.
Spend a week exploring the consciousness of embodiment through the lens of higher consciousness.
–Learn the skill of inner viewing; being able to sense and see inside the body with your intuitive senses.
–Cultivate appreciation through heightened awareness for the living essence of life embedded in cellular consciousness.
–Activate your intuitive healer to clear left over traces of physical illness, emotional trauma and past life patterns that are ready to release.
–Love being fully embodied, embracing the wonders of the life you are living.

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