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New Feminine Energies Rising–Teleclass

February 25, 2016

Understanding Feminine Courage, Compassion and Power

The Feminine Stream of Kundalini is Awakening on the Planet

It’s all new! The time of feminine emergence has now fully arrived.

Not to be confused with “feminine dominance”, feminine emergence means that the feminine stream of kundalini energy is finally opened and ready to establish its own space and place in our lives.

Our body, heart and mind are readily awaiting a new perspective to help heal and bring new light to humanity. The feminine energy has a lot to contribute but how can we recognize it or even open to it if we don’t know what it looks and feels like? This energy has not been available to us for thousands of years and now it is streaming through Mother Earth up into our bodies waiting to be recognized and integrated into all aspects of our consciousness.

The feminine models of courage, compassion and power have been dormant in recent spiritual teachings. Mystical teachings that reduced the feminine to a receptive vessel reduce feminine power, courage and compassion to a small trickle. It takes the wisdom of the heart to understand the true feminine. The dissociated mental approach to life that is predominant in our world right now continues to dismiss the feminine. Fearing retaliation the dominant masculine forces will be surprised when they find a new model of power arising out of a wise and courageous feminine. The awakening feminine is devoted to all life and the flourishing of the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Both men and women have felt the absence of the feminine to balance the masculine. This is why the masculine energies are crumbling. Without the true feminine for balance, the masculine energies become dark,weakened and feeble.

Mother Earth has always been there to teach us about the true feminine power, courage and compassion but we never recognized her voice. We were manipulated into thinking of Her as an object. Now that we are recognizing the living heart centered energies within our own being we can recognize the source of these energies in the Mother we have forgotten. Mother Kundlini, Mother Earth and our bodies are One. Growing beyond polarities we are on the verge of discovering the unity that exists within our hearts. The feminine leads us to this awakening. The feminine leads us to unity. What mother does not feel at One with her child? This is a wisdom inherent in the very essence of the Mother.

The concepts of the archetypal feminine being passive, receptive and open, readily receiving without having active power and discernment is simply not true. The feminine is not just a chalice waiting to be filled, this concept has been used to keep women from owning their power for thousands of year. Feminine courage, compassion and power looks a lot different than we think; and it is certainly not passive. During this class we will unearth and reclaim what true feminine energy is and bring it alive once again.

We will be working with these open ended questions during the class:

• How has the image of the passive receptive feminine caused you to be passive and give up power in your life?
• What does your higher being have to teach you about feminine energy?
• How much anger is buried in your body, hidden from even you, due to suppression of the feminine? How can you release it?
• What does feminine/masculine balance really feel like?
• What does the subtle energy chakra system teach us about feminine and masculine energy?

We will have three attunements during our time together:

Attunement to the Mother of the World.
Attunement for liberating the Mother from within.
Attunement to enhance self-love and care.

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