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Spring Equinox Retreat: Escape Velocity

March 3, 2016

Spring Equinox Retreat 2016

Escape Velocity….Harnessing the Power of Creation

Escape velocity is what propels a rocket beyond the earth’s gravity and this is what the spring equinox retreat promises. Like a rocket hitching a ride with cosmic forces to journey through the galaxy, we will learn how to harness the power of creation to propel our heartfelt dreams into existence.

It takes power to move forward so how do we harness power so that it doesn’t backfire on us–so that it actually takes us where we want to go? This is the theme of the 2016 SpiritHeal Spring Equinox Retreat.

Equinox and Solstice events are natural times for retreat; they are built into the cycle of the year to give us a time to pause and reflect, to gather energy to grow and support the evolution and ascension of our being. The cosmos offers us one day each quarter to stop, turn within, and truly connect and reflect so that can move forward in alignment with our own truth and guidance.

The cosmos doesn’t want us to stagnate just as much as we don’t want to be stuck in the same old, same old. Please don’t feel bound and enslaved to the craziness you are seeing around you. In times of transition and disintegration there are opportunities to free yourself from the heaviness that is dragging you down.

Harnessing the power of creation is what spring is all about. The power you see in a sprouting seed is the same power that will sprout your own dreams and visions. Why not be in harmony with the cycles of creation that our own Mother Earth shows us every year? Will you finally let the wisdom that is hidden right in front, inside, and all around you finally guide you to happiness?

The most important reason to harness the power of creation is to overcome our own resistance to growth. If we turn resistance inside out we find that it is packed with energy, wisdom, and just the life lesson we need right now. How much energy do you have socked away in resistance? Let’s begin with harnessing that and move on from there!

The Ceremony

When you register for the retreat your higher being will start preparing you for the retreat. Your higher being is actually guiding you to participate, whether you are aware of it or not. The ascended masters who are our guides and teachers for this retreat gather us together and provide a sphere of silence and light to support our earth walk with healing energy and wisdom. As we gather in ceremony our circle becomes the living temple of light and the sphere of living consciousness merges with our being to inspire us each, individually, from within.

There is also a greater purpose for our retreat and that is the energetic connection we form with Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are brought into a cosmic ceremony that serves the planetary consciousness of Mother Earth. When she participates through us in this cosmic ceremony she is able to participate in the expansion and purpose of her own being as the Mother of the World.

This year we have a beautiful modern lodge in which to hold our retreat. The Laurel School Butler campus is ideally situated in a serene nature preserve that will enfold us in its beauty and aliveness. I am so grateful that this venue has surfaced to support us by providing truly special retreat space.

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