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The Mystery School of Life

May 4, 2016

We are all enrolled in the Mystery School of Life.  It’s not a cave or brick and mortar school, it’s a reality that surrounds us everyday all the time.

In this Mystery School of life the world is our spiritual teacher, this is becoming painfully obvious. The lack of clarity and the surging amount of confusion and sadness is driving us inevitably inward towards a quiet center where we can take refuge from the pain.

The Mystery School of Texting Drivers

Who needs austerities? Fasting, cold showers, abstinence, twisted pretzel postures…..these were the former methods of developing mastery. Today we just have to drive down the road protecting ourselves from texting drivers in order to practice mastery!  After I avoid the oncoming threat will I freeze in judgement and fear or will I center in my heart and respond compassionately instead of react?

What did I just learn from my blessed teacher?  I learned that it’s much better for my body to sit in love rather than twist and contract under the influence of fear. I’m better off having compassion flow through my body instead of anger.  I learned that I can heal myself in the moment and not leave remnants of negative emotions sitting in my cells and psyche to later build up into pain and illness.

The Mystery School of Politics

Who needs masters testing our mastery of peace?  Watching the political scene is a perfect mirror of our inner chaos.  What do I learn from my blessed teacher?  That I am responsible for my own inner peace.  I learn about the true nature of my mind and embrace a practice that will lead me to the inner sanctums of my heart where peace resides.  I also learn that my inner peace will contribute to peace throughout the world.

The Mystery School of Confusion

Seekers seek truth…THE BIG TRUTHS.  When we know what confusion is we are more likely to recognize TRUTH. How generous is our teacher to provide so much confusion that the teaching on TRUTH just gets easier and easier!  When surrounded by so much confusion we desperately seek clarity. Clarity leads to TRUTH. And when it comes down to it the only place we can find it, once again, is within our illuminated heart.

What a great luminous teacher we have!  The Mystery School of Life keeps it real and close to home.

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  1. Becky McLoughlin

    What an amazing teacher! I had the opportunity to feel a heavy, fatigued feeling the other day and remember that I had a choice. I chose to stop, ground, center, open my heart, and allow for a peace to come over, a lightness, a truth. I am also grateful for this luminous teacher to bring such great teachings into practice. Thank you Sarah for being a conduit!


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