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You Can’t Beat Karma to the Punch!

September 12, 2016

I was just working with a client and her liver had a lot to say about Karma.  As you know, in a medical intuitive session, a single organ can tell us a lot. So much so that we can get to the root of a lot of negative programming through the relationship and conversation I have with one single organ.  In this case it was the liver.

First we relaxed and grounded with Mother Earth and Father Sky; then we began to expand.  The client could feel her being get lighter and lighter until finally her heart was bursting with radiant light. Her being opened into a balanced flow of light and life energy throughout the entire chakra system and her field filled with light.  When our consciousness is supported by light and flow we have the opportunity to discover the hidden heavier aspects that we want to clear. The chattering mind and reactive emotions tend to hide or cover what we really want to clear.  When the mental, physical and emotional bodies are safely embraced by the heart light and expanded so that they are free to flow, this is when the deepest medical intuitive work can be done.

At this point the client reported that her liver felt like it was pulling a bit and tightening down. So with my intuitive sight I focused in on the liver.  When I am quiet and tuned in softly, I’ll get images or hear words from the consciousness of the liver.  You have to remember, in my line of work, everything is conscious and alive. I communicate with a tree or a liver the same way I communicate with you.  If everything is conscious then we can relate consciously!

Her liver  was casting a spotlight on a past life that it couldn’t let go of.  The client had experienced tremendous feelings of guilt and shame over how she treated another being in that life time.  Her consciousness was trying to pull that shame and guilt into this life time by keeping a memory in the cells of the liver. She thought that if she beat herself up first then karma couldn’t surprise her with an unexpected whammy! She was trying to beat karma to the punch!  She was trying to punish herself first.  She didn’t want to leave it up to the universal consciousness to balance out what she did in that lifetime so she was dragging the shame and guilt around like a punching bag that she could hit whenever she felt the guilt and shame.

This may seem odd to you at first, but in reality we are often captive to the limited understanding of our cellular consciousness.  And if we are not comfortable with being grounded and present in our bodies we will be subject to these unconscious forces from past lives.

The trouble with this is two fold.  One it’s an attempt to control something we have no control over. And two, we’re not able to see the bigger picture.  Maybe the actions of that lifetime were balancing the karma from another lifetime?  Our minds are too puny to understand the greater picture over several lifetimes; we need to be able to trust in the greater consciousness of our being to lead us through a life that balances karma from a bigger perspective.  In the greater perspective karma disappears and the actions and reactions of life are absorbed back into the breathing matrix of living energies that generate life. This is what gives us the ability to be present in the NOW, to understand The Power of Now (Ekhart Tolle)  and to Be Here Now (Ram Das).

For the rest of the session we communicated with the consciousness that was centered in the liver to help it release the control program that was consuming it’s energy. There was no way it was going to beat karma to the punch, it’s virtually impossible to do. We helped release the cellular memories held in the liver and gall bladder by showing the liver what it would feel like to be embraced by higher consciousness.

I invited the consciousness of the liver to feel the higher light of intelligence that surrounded it, to let it in and immerse itself in the light and love it emanated. Once the consciousness of the liver felt this it was willing to let go of the past life shame and guilt and trust that clearer insight and understanding would prevail.

The client reported that the tightness released and she could feel a flow and softening around her liver and gall bladder and a freeing from the heaviness of that particular guilt and shame.

We completed the session by bringing awareness back to the entire body and reintegrating the consciousness of the liver to the flow of subtle energy throughout her being. She took some deep breath and we engaged in some dialog to review the session.



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  1. Becky McLoughlin

    What a great insight and reminder that the mind ‘trying to figure it out’ is so limited that the precious Now is lost. I am so grateful to get to play in a couple of weeks and return to a place of expansion with you and the rest of the group. Many many blessings!

  2. Cathy Chapman

    The concept of Karma looks different when you take “time” out of the equation. There is no time if time is an illusion. That means all is happening Now whether the image of yourself is a man in the 12 century, a woman in the 14th century or someone in the 23rd century. A rather amazing thought and difficult, if not impossible, to wrap our heads around.

    Miss you and hope to see you soon!

  3. Martin Luthke

    This session illustrates a simple point that I have come to understand: All karma is self-karma. It is not so much with “others out there” or a punishment or consequence imposed by some supreme law or authority. Karma is what we do to ourselves in the mistaken belief that it would be required to balance out past transgressions or violations of universal laws. When we learn to love and forgive ourselves for such, karma can be released at once. Compassion, forgiveness, and grace trump karma. The joke is on us. Love and Light, Martin

    1. Sarah Weiss Post author

      Thank you Martin for taking the time to share your wisdom pertaining to the topic of Karma. We are certainly growing out of the old paradigm!


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