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Spiritual Divorce: Creating Love and Light

October 8, 2016

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I was guiding a client through a spiritual divorce a few years ago and so many spiritual teachings were revealed in the process.  But one teaching was totally new to me and completely blew me away. I’m finally taking the time to describe the session and the teachings because they can have such a huge positive impact on how we move forward now.

Preparing for the Spiritual Divorce Ceremony

Eleanor had set up an appointment for a spiritual divorce ceremony hoping to free up the stalled divorce proceedings that were holding her back from moving forward in her life. During our first session it was clear that she wasn’t quite ready for a complete and final separation from her husband and she realized, wisely, that she needed more time to honor each step of the monumental event that she was going through.

The break up of her marriage came as a complete surprise. She had uncovered some information that made it impossible to stay married. Her husband had forged her signature on a second mortgage for their home to settle gambling debts that were also secretly incurred. Even though they had a beautiful family, including children and grandchildren, and a relationship that grew deeper over 42 years of marriage, the lie that was revealed could only lead to one conclusion; a divorce.  You can imagine how betrayed Eleanor felt. The person she trusted the most in life was now the most dishonest.

Our sessions spanned several months. Eleanor was very motivated to shift the direction of her life and deepen her spiritual connection.  She learned to connect her heart with the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky to bring flow, light, love and understanding to her situation.  As she felt more and more comfortable and claimed more of her power back from the marriage she discovered incredible strength and resilience within and was now emotionally ready to proceed with the legal divorce if not the spiritual divorce.

Magic Occurs at Divorce Time

The lawyers set the date to review the final agreement.  Eleanor was hopeful that it would go smoothly given the amount of work that had gone into preparing the final document.  But at one point the negotiations became so antagonistic that the lawyers asked her to leave the room, for her protection. Her husband was out of control and very aggressive. They found a quiet room for Eleanor to sit in while they tried to calm her husband down.

She had truly hoped this would be the end of the emotional turmoil and fighting over what was once their precious marriage but it didn’t look promising.  After she calmed down she grounded, trying to reclaim her equanimity and peace.  She connected so deeply with Mother Earth and Father Sky that she became completely immersed in great, all-encompassing LOVE. She was so still and clear that her true being came forward and consecrated the proceedings. Her light filled the room and all she knew was pure love. Love for her soon to be ex-husband and for everyone involved in the case. It was totally unexpected and extremely holy.

A few minutes later the lawyer came into the room and said, “I don’t know what happened your husband has calmed down and is totally fine with the agreement. He is ready to sign.”

This was a true lesson in letting go and letting love.  Eleanor had nowhere else to go but within. She turned to her inner sanctuary and entered with intention, hoping to find a solution in her heart and she succeeded.

Further Teachings! We Create Love and Light

Following the settlement of the divorce Eleanor and I met for another session.

We greeted Mother Earth and Father Sky, allowing their infinite love to fill and inform us.  As we deepened into the energies it became apparent to me that the spiritual divorce would happen in this session.  I saw the ascended masters gathering, light beams radiating from their heart poured down upon us. When two people take a vow of marriage their hearts are energetically joined as one.  To truly separate hearts that have become one the higher consciousness of the ascended masters is needed.  It is an “uncoupling” ceremony that occurs on the higher planes.

When a couple receives only a legal divorce they can still remain connected in their hearts and this makes it extremely difficult and complicated for everyone to move forward.  If spiritual divorce was recognized as an important step in the process we would have far fewer beings with open wounds walking around; far fewer beings bringing baggage into their next relationship. (note: I wish we recognized the spiritual aspect of every part of our lives, from birth to death and everything in between!)

So the radiant light of higher consciousness was separating these two precious hearts and as this is happening we were shown a very deep spiritual teaching. This is the one that blew me away. It’s very hard to describe without sounding trite so I hope you can feel the energy behind the words.

As the two hearts were gently and mystically separated a ball of beaming light, like a radiant sun, floated in front of Eleanor’s heart. The guides explained that the love that she had shared with her husband had been very real and that it was not lost or gone. Eleanor caught her breath for a moment hoping she had not made a mistake going through this divorce. But this did not halt the session. We learned that the love they shared was now a light that will shine over them, continuing to bless each one of them and their family with the grace that had grown out of their 40 years of loving each other.

Their love had actually created light!

All spiritual teachings tell us that the world is created out of LOVE.  Through their marriage and despite their divorce, even with all of its emotional pain and suffering, this couple had created a light that permanently adds to the quantity of light in our world. Could it be that the love between two or more people creates an immortal light and that this is part of our purpose for being here on earth? It would explain why we have male/female, positive/negative, yin/yang, the polar opposites that create love out of their attraction.

Relationships take on a new purpose and meaning. This highlights the need to consciously and intentionally grow more love in our relationships so that we create more light in our world. That’s a true purpose for living if I’ve ever heard one. Our current dimly lit world certainly needs more light. To watch the light form right in front of our third eyes was a huge gift.

We now understood and knew from the core of our being that relationships are the cauldron where love creates light and light creates life. It’s alchemical, magical and amazing!





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  1. C nesi

    Namaste, this has moved me deeply, i asked the universe to reconnect the globe of light between mySelf and spouse. The waves of emotional cleansing were like being bathed in pure light, supported by universal and Mother Earth. This morning I feel an amazing cleanse, dwelling has been washed from my cells and the gift of today is being present, I’ve not felt so much in the “now” in a long time. My love to you all.


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