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If You Are a Spiritual Seeker you Know what to Do Right Now

November 13, 2016

If you have been on the spiritual path for even a short while you know that the teachings of unity and oneness are the predominant themes.

Let’s look at what we’ve learned that can help us through these uncertain times.

You’ve learned your own right relationship to power and manipulation.
You’ve learned to stand your ground and yet still be collaborative.
You’ve learned to reclaim your power and find compassion in the face of lies and hate.
You’ve learned to be courageous when fear overwhelms you.
You’ve learned patience and understanding.
You’ve learned to heal and be healed.
You’ve learned to stand up for yourself and Be yourself.
You’ve learned to be present and have presence.
You’ve learned that you are seated safely in the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
You’ve learned to love yourself and radiate love from the deep well of Source.
And most important of all…
You’ve learned that the wings of your heart can span both Unity and Individuality.

Knowing all this you know what to do right now.

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