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2017 The Year of Clarity

December 1, 2016

During 2017 we will finally see clearly the dark control and enslavement programs that have been insinuated into our thoughts, emotions and even our physical cellular consciousness. They have become so much a part of us that we haven’t been able to separate out our true identity from the programs…. that is until now.

The clarity that is coming forth will help us see how we have internalized all kinds of limiting and dark programming. Finally, we will be able to feel good about ourselves and lose the “not good enough” program that kept us under a cloud of darkness.

Until that veil is lifted it is impossible to see clearly who we are and why we are here. Now that higher frequency light is pouring down upon our Mother Gaia, we will be the beneficiaries of her expanding consciousness. Without her evanescent life giving unlimited love we would stay forever dimmed and dull. She is our anchor, our connection to the fiery heart of the cosmos that ignites the wisdom in our own hearts.

Our past identity will be dissolved in so many ways that the only thing that will be certain is the PRESENT. We won’t be able to gauge the future because our memories and experiences will feel so foreign and strange, as if we can’t believe we ever lived like that.

Our body consciousness has been built upon a foundation that is not true to nor supports enlightened consciousness. The beliefs of the last thirteen thousand years have created a cellular consciousness based upon the flat material reality of the dissociated mind. Mind and Body must come back together so that our cellular consciousness learns to recognize clearly what will be regenerative and life giving and what will not. Then Mind and Body will be magnetically and wisely drawn to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky to learn the true depth of our multi-dimensional being.
2017 will see more clarity in medicine and healing. Many different physical and emotional symptoms will arise that will not respond to traditional treatments and a great many will seek out alternative subtle energy treatments that they would not have considered before. Our physical consciousness must go through a deconstruction and be resurrected on a foundation of truth and enlightenment. Our body is not just physical material; it is consciousness as well. When we treat the body as a state of living consciousness it responds with great wisdom and life force to support our purpose.
Our new bodies will respond to frequency medicine and will reject medical treatments that are based on the old control and enslave programs. 2017 finds us caught between the old and the new healing paradigms in a very confusing way. Throughout the year we will continue to cleanse the lens of our perception so that the false limiting beliefs and programs rise to the surface to release. This will continue to create an enormous amount of confusion and uncertainty in 2017 as we move forward with ascension consciousness. We won’t know who or what to trust and must take full responsibility for the unfolding of our own heart centered intuitive wisdom one step at a time.

Discovering our heart in the heart of the mother.
The biosphere of the planet will become our teacher. Mother Earth and the plant beings will begin to speak loudly. They are the most directly connected to the multi-dimensional matrix of living consciousness. Everything living and life promoting will begin to teach us the way. We will be forced to listen as outdated modes of treating viral, bacterial and fungal infections show their ineffectiveness. Through the path of biomimicry, we will find that “living essence” is the miracle ingredient, we cannot just “make a copy of nature’s tools” and expect them to work the same. Fortunately, contemporary physicists and engineers are guiding the medical profession down the mystical path without letting on that this is happening!

Discovering our non-terrestrial self.
We will discover our true history and lineage. Not just the few of us in new age circles, but throughout the planet Mother Earth will speak to whomever will listen. She will raise our vibration and purify our minds to the point where we will know intuitively that we have a long human history and an even longer history as star beings. This changes the entire constellation of our being from the physical to the spiritual. It takes us beyond the history of violence that our history books speak of to an incredibly honorable history of heightened consciousness and enlightenment.

History and DNA are not separate, they interact to form our physical, mental and emotional consciousness. When we experience our true ancestry; our roots that go back millions of years to the stars and beyond, our bodies will change in a striking way. Our understanding of the physical will change from materialistic to energetic just as the physicists and mystics have shown us. But now a majority of the population will awaken to this and the consequence will be more awareness of our unity, subtle connection, and the light of being. We will step up to heart centered consciousness and learn an entirely new way of being human.
The non-terrestrial beings who have already been helping all of us in the consciousness movement will begin to show themselves more clearly and we will learn how to shift our consciousness to meet them in their world. We also discover the non-terrestrial forms of our self and be surprised that we are the ones we’ve been afraid of.

We also will experience freedom like we’ve never experienced before. Our sense of our material self will change to encompass our non-material reality and generate a new sense of who and what humans are. This will actually engender more respect and honor for the physical vehicle and an appreciation for all that it has the potential to be. We will no longer stand for being enslaved and controlled 2017.
2017 is about understanding unity consciousness as the global events continue to show us how all of humanity is interrelated. But there is more. 2017 will find us opening to a vast world of living consciousness that exists in many forms throughout many realms of existence. Many of you reading this have already experienced this consciousness but feel that you are in the minority. 2017 will bring a critical mass of beings into the realms you are already experiencing and generate formidable changes in the way we live together.

This will actually help us feel more community and less isolated as a majority of beings discover that the pathway to moving with the flow includes heart wisdom. We will move away from “mind” centered living towards more intuitive and heart centered living.

The clarity that will arise in the planetary consciousness will allow us to recognize and discern deeper wisdom and let it actually have an impact on our world. There will be huge leaps in this arena in 2017. The wisdom of the heart will actually start to carry weight and be recognized as a valid form of understanding and approaching life. Finally, we will start discerning the consciousness of physical organs and move away from the entirely materialistic view of the body and mind.

Yes, there is hope and you will start to feel it more as 2017 comes to a close. We are all subject to change and those of you reading this will need to include yourselves in the experience of change. We have all been subject to the dimmed consciousness of our past and the control programming so we will need to look towards ourselves first and lean into the changes in ways that may feel scary and uncertain. It’s easier to fantasize about the future but harder to experience the pathway to the future. The teachings that you have been given on learning to be “present” will be your best guide for moving through 2017. There is no future that you can imagine right now that is reality based. Everything is unfolding in ways that are new and unexpected. Learn to live in the present and allow each moment to unfold fresh and new.

In 2017 the true astrological science will start to emerge and be recognized for its wisdom. Our understanding of the impact of stellar and galactic energies will unfold slowly but surely as the year progresses. Scientists will find the clues they have been looking for in the science of astrology and it will astonish them. Our view of this mystical science has been so limited by our dimmed consciousness that we have truly overlooked its wisdom teachings. Just as the ancients used to speak to the stars, read the multi-dimensional messages and experience the realms beyond to help them navigate earth reality, we will re-learn to do the same. We will look to astrology for portals and connections instead of for soul mates and financial success.

We have so many stories built into our cellular and mental/emotional consciousness about being tortured and murdered for enlightened beliefs. These stories will finally be purified from all levels of our consciousness and free us to move forward. We will start living in the present and not let the old stories limit our future.
I realize that It’s hard to imagine that we will be released from our history of violent discrimination against heart centered intuitive people but we will. Many of you have already experienced this healing. As a critical mass of beings undergo this purification you will feel safer claiming your clarity and wisdom.
As we learn more about living from the heart we will find ways of healing the violence that has burdened our world. Each being will discover the healing wisdom of their own consciousness and we will learn to live free of post-traumatic stress. Once we have demonstrated that trauma and violence can no longer enslave our being the path of violence will become impotent. 2017 will plant the seeds for the end of violence on earth.


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  1. Aschlenkerman

    Thanks as always, Sarah. I too am hopeful and feel that change is coming. I’m glad to support this new way of Being with a capital “B”!! I’m glad to feel supported!!

  2. joann

    After this very disturbing election year I have found myself carrying around a
    lot of fear and dread. After reading your blog I felt an internal shift and a lightening of my spirit. Thank you for reminding me that my heart offers a wonderful balance to the world my eyes see. You have offered me hope and balance and a journey of deepening spirituality for 2017. Thank you! Many blessings, JoAnn McL.


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