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Empower Your 2017 Intentions with the 1/1/17 Crescent Moon

December 28, 2016

If you feel powerless, depressed or anxious in the face of the uncertainty in the world try reclaiming your power by setting new intentions for 2017.

Setting intentions for your dreams and goals is not a strict or rigid experience, it’s a practice in self-awareness.  Examining our dreams and goals once a year helps draw us back into our heart, review where we’ve lost track of what is meaningful, and open to new possibilities. Most importantly it reawakens inspiration and enthusiasm that may have been  lost to the daily grind of an uninspired life.

This year the first crescent moon falls from the first to the third of January (1/1 – 3/2017). It’s perfect timing for setting your intentions for 2017! We all deserve to have our wishes and dreams fulfilled so unleash the full strength of your heart’s passion, let it fully blast forth and pave the way for manifestation in 2017.

What is the Crescent Moon?

The crescent moon period consists of days 4, 5, and 6 of the new moon cycle. It is the time for new beginnings, new projects, and new inspiration.

For more about manifesting with the moon read Urban Astrologer

Make a 2017 Dreams and Intention Journal

Sticky notes? Notebook paper? Beautifully bound journal? Any of these will serve as your 2017 Dreams and Intention Journal. It’s more important to write it down in detail than to worry about what it looks like. Just make sure you can read it!

Be very specific and whenever possible write the most optimal dream and wish and then visualize the most benevolent and gentle path to the goal. Picture the goal already attained and feel it with your body, mind, and heart.

First, make three categories across the top of your paper and title them:
1. Intention, 2. One Action Step, 3. Outcome desired.

Write the intention (1), one step towards manifesting the intention (2), and the outcome desired (3). Be as specific as possible and start every intention with the words “I AM”. This brings the intention into the present moment and is a more powerful statement.

Here’s an example for the “Cultivate Positive Relationships” category:

1. I AM surrounded by positive, supportive, and loving friends and family who recognize and accept my true being.
2. I will set up a coffee/tea/dinner date with _____________ .
3. When we meet she/he will have something inspirational, affirming and/or practical to offer in support of my goal.
Here are a few self-explainable categories for identifying your goals and intentions for 2017. Add or subtract at will, these are only suggestions.

1. Spiritual Realization
2. Dare to Dream
3. Expand Your Heart
4. Improve Your Health
5. Cultivate Positive Relationships
6. Set Boundaries
7. Identify Professional Goals
8. Identify Areas that Deserve Abundance
9. My Greater Purpose
10. Be Present
11. Dreams and Intentions for My Community
12. Dreams and Intentions for Mother Earth
13. Dreams and Intentions for Humanity
14. Help!

Don’t write a book. Keep the intentions short and sweet.

When your Dream and Intention Journal is complete set it down for a day and come back to it.

Ask yourself if you want to add, delete or edit any of the entries. Check the sincerity of your intentions. Do these represent my true, unique self or are do they fulfill expectations placed on me by others (family, friends, society)? Once you are satisfied move on to empowering your dreams and intentions.

Empowering with the Crescent Moon on January 1, 2, or 3, 2017

When your journal is complete there are many ways to empower it but the most powerful is to take an action step during the crescent moon phase. Make the call, read the book, make a symbol for your altar, sign up for the class, book a vacation…. these are just a few action suggestions. Based on your time and priorities take one step towards empowering an intention.

You can also “reiki” (holding your hands over the page and inviting Source energy to radiate through your hands to shine light) on your journal entries, see it bathed in celestial light, imagine angels blessing it, or ask your guides for help manifesting. Making a manifestation board with pictures of your dreams fulfilled is also powerful. Request help and guidance in your dreams. It’s important that you bring your full passion and sincere desire to the energizing of your journal.

If your list is too big for one three-day crescent moon cycle you have two options. Days 10, 11, 12 of the waxing moon cycle are the next powerful manifestation days to energize your intentions or wait for the next month’s crescent moon cycle.

You have four days until the end of the year to put together your 2017 Dreams and Intentions Journal. Remember it can be short and concise. If something doesn’t feel right, come back to it, and adjust or upgrade it until it feels right. This may be a sign that it isn’t ripe for manifestation just yet. Don’t rush but don’t delay!

Have a happy and empowered New Year!


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  1. Becky McLoughlin

    Thank you for this great, simple, powerful way to empower our Selves in 2017. I enjoy this method because of the joy and presicion that is involved. Once again your teachings are spot on.


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