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Living from the Ground of Being

January 12, 2017

On Monday, January 16, 2017 I’m teaching a new class: LIVING FROM THE GROUND OF BEING…..Living from the Ground of Being: Mother Earth, Kundalini, and the Root Chakra

How exciting would it be to live from the very ground of your being? To grow and blossom into the unique expression of life you were meant to be? This is what happens when you connect to the grand cosmic wisdom called kundalini, known as the mother of all wisdom.

How would you live if you knew you had this wisdom and life force within you, accessible through your own inner exploration? Ask yourself, what would change if this power was available to you right now and you have a glimpse of what is possible.

Our consciousness is intimately connected to the consciousness of Mother Earth, we cannot grow without the ground of being she provides. Why would be here if that wasn’t true?

Connecting to Mother Earth connects you to your own inner mother, kundalini consciousness. The soil of our being, the ground in which we are planted, has all of the nutrients to awaken and bring our being to fulfillment.

The seed of your consciousness is planted in the coil of kundalini which sits at the base of your spine. It lays there, like a coiled serpent, in suspended animation, just waiting for your attention to enliven it. When it springs to life so do you! A vibrant, animated, and creative life is waiting for you if you want to wake up right now.

Mother Earth is our guide on this awakening. Out fusion with here informs our awakening. The thought of living an animated, creative life can be scary. You may shy away from these words, unconscious of the fear that binds and contracts you. But are you even a tiny bit aware of the light that draws you, that speaks to you of the freedom to live an unburdened life?

We will activate, attune, and explore the regions of consciousness between Mother Earth and Father Sky and how their love, embodied in our consciousness, births and awakens the being you are meant to live.

We will clear the dark shadows that dim our realization of true self.

We will open to the cosmic energies that expand our understanding of who we are and why we are here.

We will grow beyond fear and into fearlessness explorers of consciousness.

We will unveil the self-knowledge that is our birthright and the seat of power within.

Mother Earth, Kundalini, our root chakra….there are the treasures hidden within our own body, beneath our feet, and at the base of our spine that have been kept secret from us dare we become free and emboldened to live a life grounded in our own unique, creative expression of being.

I invite you to join this class that begins this Monday, January 17, 2017.     Register Here.

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