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The Enlightened Empath Part Two: Flooding, Paralysis and Isolation

June 28, 2017

Are you isolating yourself because you are so overwhelmed?

Are you paralyzed… not able to move forward in life because you are flooded with overpowering confusion, doubt and fear?

Are the boundaries between you and others so fluid that it’s hard to know which thoughts and feelings are truly yours?

Are you picking up physical illness and pain from those around you?

The life of an empath can be very challenging. I often say, “It’s not easy being me!”

Some days are so trying that it’s easy to give up and say screw it, I’ll just hole up in my house and try to find some peace from my over reactive nervous system.

Just yesterday a client put two and two together. Her mother reminded her that every time they took her out to a public place like a store, restaurant, or some other busy place, she would cry inconsolably. This happened until she was seven years old. As she is beginning to understand her empathic nature she realizes how she was highly sensitive from the start. Her mother now understands this too and it makes sense to her as she reviews her daughter’s behavior throughout growing up.

Dr. Judith Orloff, in her book which I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, The Empath’s Survival Guide,  has identified and defined the highly sensitive and empathic personality types. They are defined by the reactivity of their nervous system to internal and external stimuli. She makes the point that this is not “all in your head”, it’s a verified physical nervous system reaction that between 10 -20% of the population exhibit.

I’ve been conscious of my empathic nature for 40 years and have several tried and true energy practices, nutrition supports, and exercise routines that help me modulate my highly sensitive nervous system. Yet, sometimes none of them work and I have learned to live through the experience with compassion for myself and those whom I’m sensing.  I also know how being empathic has led me on a life of mystic adventure and expansive awareness.  My sensitivities to life also make me sensitive to spiritual realms and subtle energies.

Accentuating the positive qualities of being empathic helps balance off the challenging ones. I love the peace and beauty of the altered states of light and healing that are second nature to me. I’m in ecstasy when my heart is radiant and the mysteries of life are revealed.  Yet it takes a lot to live in a bustling world when you have a highly sensitive nervous system.

Bring Your Energy Back to You!

What does a highly sensitive nervous system look like to my subtle energy vision?

We each experience the world of subtle energies uniquely so I’ll share my vision of the energy field when it is reacting.

Energy cords go out from the emotional field like antennae. There can be multiple cords or just one or two. They can link to a particular person or to an entire group, organization or country. It depends on where your mind or emotions are focused. When these cords go out beyond the boundaries of the energy field they get linked and entangled, opening a channel to drain energy from you and receive the mental/emotional content of the external target. The empathic person’s boundaries are often nebulous, allowing outside content to influence, even take over, their own mind, body and emotions.  Imagine a hollow tube with fluid going both ways.

Energetic management is one of the most effective ways to manage the nervous system. The physical nervous system is linked to the energetic field through the chakras and meridians. There is a direct positive effect on the nervous system, it gets stronger, calmer, less reactive, and more stable, when the energy field is cleansed and flowing. Instead of directing the energetic filaments outwards, the empath can learn to direct the energy filaments inward. This strengthens the boundaries and cuts off the back and forth flow of overwhelming stimulus. This is where meditation and grounding can help enormously.

In my class, The Enlightened Empath, I will go into depth on how to become aware and manage your subtle energies to bring out the best in your empathic nature. You will be able to move beyond paralysis, flooding, isolation and pain into enjoying your life and your spiritual path!

The Enlightened Empath is a teleclass, taught in a group phone call. It begins Monday, July 10, from 8 – 9:15 PM.  When you register you will be sent the call in information for the class. You will be able to ask questions and interact with others through the class page on the SpiritHeal website. Each class will be recorded and you may download them to support your growth from a burdened empath to an enlightened empath!









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