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The Enlightened Empath Continued

September 14, 2017

Empaths are getting a lot of attention in the spiritual world now and for good reason. Their sensitivities are a gift to be recognized and appreciated. What they have to offer on behalf of humanity is a clear reflection of the true state of humanity.  If there is suffering, the empath will know. If there is joy, this will also be known by the empath. With the attention now focused on empaths and empathy more training is available to help empaths learn to manage and navigate their highly sensitive nervous system.

Let’s first distinguish between being an empath and “having empathy”, they are two different experiences.  Having empathy for yourself or another sentient being is an experience of heart centered consciousness.  Understanding, compassion, wisdom and discernment arise out of empathy.

Being an “empath” is an entirely unique experience.  The empath has the challenge of having a very sensitive nervous system in a very coarse world. They have taken on a role that is not yet understood fully. Empaths experience others as themselves, not outside of themselves. There is no boundary between another person and themselves. The untrained empath feels another’s pain as pain in their own body, another’s love, as their own feeling of love, and another’s confusion, as their own confusion.  It is highly challenging to be an untrained empath in today’s chaotic world.

As one of my students said when she realized that she was an extreme empath:

“I’ve been living everyone else’s life for 20 years, now it’s time to find out who I AM. I’ve lived outside of myself all this time, connected with others thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. I don’t know who I am. I haven’t been able to be myself because my nervous system is so sensitive. It feels like my nerves reach outside of my body. I’m always overwhelmed and I’ve had to put up strong defenses to just survive. I can’t even go into a store without breaking out in tears because I feel everyone’s pain. It’s exhausting and drains me every day.”

The Gift of Sensitivity

As a medical intuitive I see the multi-dimensional being. Humans are incredible. We are the superhero and the wimp, the greatest lover and the neediest victim, we span the entire range from earth to heaven. But we don’t realize this about ourselves.  We live as schleps who survive from day to day, hoping that it’ll be a “good” day.  Our amazing capabilities have been hidden from us and now, through both challenges and blessings, they are being revealed.

On the spiritual path many strive to attain the sensitivities of the empath. Empaths can not only feel everything about others, but their highly evolved nervous system also opens the doors of perception to the unseen, the subtle worlds of energy and spirit. When the sensitivities of the empath are mastered, they can easily translate their skills to help attain the self-realized state, the state that yogis, mystics and spiritual seekers struggle years to attain.  They can become the spiritual guides and healers who help change our world.

Empaths also provide a clear picture of the true state of humanity.  They are not fooled by the masks people wear.  If we are to truly make changes and uplift and heal humanity we need to see clearly the real state of our fellow humans.  The empaths on the planet today provide a clear and true picture of the pain and suffering that so many are experiencing daily.   Take heed of their reflections. Ancient civilizations once trusted oracles to channel visions that would support the livelihood and well being of their community, trust the empaths to show you where healing is needed.

I’m not idealizing or over-inflating empaths, I only want to point out that they have gifts that have been unrecognized and underappreciated. Being accused over and over of being “too sensitive” takes a toll. If anyone is judge harshly it can destroy self-respect and hope.  It makes one turn upon themselves in self-loathing and confusion, causing them to shut down the very expanded perceptual senses they are meant to develop.  If they don’t get the training they need, learning how to shield their energy field from unwanted invasive energies, how to stop projecting their energy into others, how to stop picking up negative energies and illness, and how to calm their sensitive nervous system, they  end up in a miserable mess. How helpful is that to anyone?

The Enlightened Empath 

Empaths please remember: If you accept and partake of the pain and suffering you feel, you are adding to the pain and suffering on the planet.

My spiritual teacher, who understood my empathic nature, took the time to guide me through twenty years of spiritual practices to help shape and upgrade my sensitivities.   This training helped me become the medical intuitive and spiritual guide that I am today.  I would never have known that I had these wonderful abilities had he not pointed out their value.  And now I have made training empaths a focus of my work. In every class, workshop and retreat there is training for empaths built into the curriculum. I also offer training classes and individual session for empaths.

It’s almost as if empaths have a contract to become enlightened NOW. They seem to have the nervous system of a fifth dimensional human in a third dimensional body.  If given support, they can turn their sensitive antennae inwards and reflect back the wisdom of the subtle realms that lie just beyond the physical five senses.  They can scout beyond time and space and create inroads for others to follow.  This is all true once they have mastery of their senses.

As we come to know more about the empath’s nervous system I believe we will be learning about the nervous system of the future human being.  With the empath’s ability to experience vast unseen realms they will help all of us know more about who we are and who we are becoming.

Beginning in 2018 I am offering The Enlightened Empath Training Course for empaths who truly want to rise to their fullest potential. More details will follow later this fall.

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  1. Jeanae

    I absolutely love this and found it entirely uplifting as well as useful and applicative to my daily happenings. Thank you for such wisdom and guidance. This brings me entirety and clarity.


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