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What’s the Lesson?

September 28, 2017

How can you live in such a fast changing world without learning something new about yourself each day?

Every interaction reflects back to us a new and different image that can confuse and derail our self-confidence or send us back to our center, to our heart, where our true self resides. It’s a choice.

I’m reminded of the great artist Pablo Picasso, known mostly for his cubist paintings. He was way ahead of his time in depicting the fragmented, disjointed society we live in today.  Most people don’t know that Picasso could draw and paint beautiful images, with striking realism, that had an elegance that only true artists ever achieve.  Yet, he chose to portray the psychological dysfunction his sensitive antennae were picking up about the times he lived in as well as future times.

In order to do this he had to have a perspective that allowed him to stand back and look outside of himself, to view the world with an artist’s eye, feel his whole creative expression, and then dive into painting his vision. It takes a lot of self-assurance to see “what is” without being drawn into it. If he was drawn into the chaos he would not be able to paint, to give the world the gift of his talent, because he would have drowned in the sadness and pain of what he saw.

So what’s the lesson?  We too can learn from the artist’s vision. If we stand back, drop into our hearts, connect with the earth and sky that surrounds us, connect with our clarity and talent, become part of the creative flow of living energies, we too can see life without being drawn into the rushing stream of change and chaos. We can see “what is” and still bring the world the gift of our talents and true being. We can be the centering influence in the middle of the storm and help maintain the balance and serenity that is much needed in the world today.


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  1. Carla Kramer

    Thank you Sarah for this sharing. I needed the reminder that what I am experiencing now contains a very important lesson for me. The sadness can be overwhelming, but I must remember I always have a choice and must take positive action to enact a change.
    Many blessings to you.

  2. Penny Shemo

    Your thoughtful explanation of Pablo Picasso’s work and contribution gives new meaning to his “Blue Period”. And I am reminded once again that the key is about establishing the heart center as the true receptor of what is real.


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