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Ascension Medicine: Energy First

October 31, 2017

The first principle of Ascension Medicine is: Energy First.

When we see ourselves as energy first, we don’t see the body as a solid object to be used and abused at our ego’s whim. We view ourselves as spheres of energy, planes of consciousness, that each interact, synchronize and harmonize in a symphony of light and sound.  We are not an object or a thing, or an “it”… we are an experience.  We are a dynamic, living, constellation encompassing all planes of consciousness and life. From earth to heaven, from galaxy to galaxy, we are the vibrating experience of life on every level.

Since everything is vibration and frequency, every aspect of our being can be thought of as a field of energy. The human body is a “physical field”. Seeing the body as an energy field brings us into fifth dimensional reality and leaves the  limited notions of third dimensional materialism dissolving in the refined light of the higher dimensions.

Ascension medicine cares for all of the energy fields or bodies that make up the human consciousness. We know these as the field of each of the seven chakras: physical, emotional, mental, light, sound, insight and infinite wisdom.  Each chakra is a field of energy that informs its particular domain. A chakra is not only a vortex of energy, it also generates a field or plane of consciousness.

These fields are the energetic matrix that make up human consciousness, from earth to heaven.  They function as a system of vibrating frequencies informing each other with the sole purpose of generating wisdom, freedom and enlightenment–the fulfillment of the human experience. Ascension medicine tends to this entire sphere, not just one plane of consciousness. In order to care for our whole being, support our expanding consciousness and ascension, restore and renew health in all of our “bodies”, we need to consider healing modalities outside the realm of traditional medicine.

Subtle Energy Healing, Herbs, Oils & Essences, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Meridian Medicine, Quantum and Shamanic Healing, all fall under the category of Ascension Medicine. They focus energy first and then the physical. These therapies attend to the many levels of consciousness that make up the whole you. In the Ascension Medicine energy first paradigm, we understand that higher frequency energies precede lower frequency energies. This means that before the physical consciousness is created, many higher frequency planes of consciousness formed first. From the perspective of physical reality this means that energy preceded form.

From the ascension medicine point of view the physical body is another form of energy, vibration and frequency. It is not a limited object. Physicists agree with this and even take this concept one step further: We are all energy and sometimes we appear as solid and sometimes not. So according to physics, we only appear solid according to a particular perspective.

This begs the question: How do we create a healing form that accommodates our shifting, very alive, multi-dimensional consciousness? 

For those in the “healing” profession, which includes the full spectrum of traditional to non-traditional modalities, this has become our greatest quest.  Let’s take a headache for example. Ascension medicine might ask the following: On which plane of consciousness did it originate? How many planes is it reverberating through?  Is it a planetary or personal frequency? Which medicinals and modalities will help shift the vibration of the headache so that the experience of pain is eliminated and a healthy frequency is generated throughout all of our consciousness? The greatest and most sustaining medicines take these questions into consideration in their approach and formulations. Everyone of the modalities mentioned above looks to frequencies or energy first to determine a root cause.

How exciting are the new frontiers of consciousness medicine? We are on the verge of affirming the time tested energy based medicines of the past and discovering the quantum ascension medicine of the future. It will be a medicine based on frequency and vibration, on quantum planes of existence and with the heart of the cosmos at its center.

Accessing Holistic Healing

Here is a quick review of the steps I take to unfold my healing consciousness.  It starts with “energy first”. For the sake of brevity these are the bullet points. Hopefully it will trigger some insights for your own healing journey.

  1. I initiate a healing session with myself by gently shifting into my intuitive awareness, connecting with my light and higher frequencies by grounding with Mother Earth and Father Sky. This activates the vital energies in the first chakra and which then rise through the body seeking to restore wellness and serenity by clearing stagnant and heavy energy.
  2. I lovingly connect with my body, realizing, if I’ve forgotten, that I am the consciousness of my body.
  3. I lovingly connect with the presenting symptom, embracing it as a mother embraces her baby. This opens an intuitive connection and opens the path to healing.
  4. I relax into the consciousness of my body and and softly (not demanding, in peace and not anxiety) ask for what I need to understand.
  5. This opens a flow of healing energy that begins the process of releasing the energetic blocks to healing, the stagnant energies that represent the symptom.
  6. I allow myself to deepen my intuitive connection and open to further insight and release. This often results in a shamanic type journey where I’m taken into dimensions “beyond” the physical where I commune with spirit.
  7. I’ll intuitively know when this session with myself is completed and allow it to end just where it needs to end, not pushing or fishing for more.
  8. Often I’ll know some next steps to take. It could be another session with myself at a later time, and/or I might need support from a subtle energy body worker to do structural alignment, or emotional release work if the “issues are in my tissues”, or take some flower essences/oils/supplements, go to acupuncture, or go to a medical practitioner. I’m open to all possibilities and have developed relationships with a few healing practitioners whom I trust to support me gently and wisely. Sometimes it’s a journey, other times I clear through quickly and the symptom releases. Sometimes the release reveals the need for deeper clearings, higher frequency energies, or just patience as light penetrates the shadows to show what is hidden.
  9. Note:  It’s important to approach your own healing connection with light and joy. If it feels like an effort, it means you are working too hard. I realize that enduring pain can be very uncomfortable and unbearable, but every study on pain management has pointed to the efficacy of a positive attitude. This does not mean pretending to be positive, it means reaching deep down within and finding the “you” that is beyond all pain, the eternal you that you can refuge in. At the very least this attitude will open up the next step in your recovery. If you are not able to connect with yourself due to extreme symptoms, call for help from both the physical realm and the unseen realms, this also is a beginning.

Awkward First Steps

At this time on the planet we are taking the awkward first steps to understand our health and healing in multi-dimensional terms. What is very clear is that we can’t let materialism judge or limit our research and intuition.  Materialism is not the same as physical reality. It is a perspective that takes physical reality and reduces it to an object. The materialist mentality dissociates from our humanity’s living essence and causes us to think of ourselves as objects that our minds can manipulate and control per the popular illusions of the times. We are so much more than just an “object”.  We are the embodiment of the cosmos and live, breathe and vibrate in a sphere of being that is the same as the galaxies and planets. If we identify as living spheres of energy with access to the full infinite knowledge of the universe, we begin to have a different view of ourselves, one that allows for greater health and wholeness. We know this intuitively.

As a whole, humanity is waking up to this new version of ourselves. It’s an exciting time with many challenges. As all of the old illusions and paradigms are fracturing and dissolving we have the rare opportunity to wake up to our new, more true self, the self that is unfolding daily.  We are not static, we are not an object, we are living vibrating beings who are discovering our new identity day by day, minute by minute. Some say truth is relative, meaning it can be manipulated to serve anyone’s agenda. I believe there are universal truths and that our body and being know them. Illness can be a reaction to lies and healing can be the result of a universal truth reverberating through our multiple fields of consciousness.

Changing times demand us to look at new ways of living and healing. Energy first is a concept that can carry us into our next evolution of being.






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  1. Cathy Ayotte

    11/8/17 Thank You Sarah for this heart confirmation. These words brought me to a space of calmness and unification and hope. I appreciate your guidance and support in wading and filtering through. Thanks again.


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