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2018 Message from Sarah Weiss

January 14, 2018

Dear Friends,

As my closest associates and partners on the spiritual path I want to wish you a blessed and light filled 2018.

It’s been a very transformative time for me and I’ve gone through a major shift in consciousness. With all the distractions of the political world, the speeding up of the tech world, the extremes of natural forces, and the shifting cosmic environment, it can be a challenge to remember that we are walking a sacred path that needs attention and tending.

It’s easy to get drawn into the materialization of the spiritual path when spiritual teachings and images are used to sell everything from cars to yogurt. Appreciating the depth and commitment to our spiritual unfolding can easily get pushed aside when we get caught up in the fog of confusion and darkness.

I am here to remind you that the spiritual path is real, that the unseen dimensions are real, and that your being is more vast than you can apprehend amidst the turmoil of life.  We are involved in an expansion and ascension cycle that will carry us through truly meaningful change, even if it is not comfortable.

The SpiritHeal Institute is a mystical school. It is not a commercial school with programs that appeal to the mass consciousness.  SpiritHeal Institute, while not a physical location, is a “place in space” that holds the frequencies of truth, love, wisdom and sovereignty.  It’s lineage has been confirmed over and over by the spiritual masters who bestow our classes with blessings each time we meet. And just like Shambala, it’s a place that seekers need to discover on their own. I trust those who are arrive at the door will be led by their hearts to open it.

Many of you have been involved with these teachings for several years and through your own perseverance are now witnessing the realization of your dreams.  Your relationships are improving, your understanding of your mystical nature is more grounded, and your strength to stand in your power has grown.

The programs for the new year will feel energetically different.  Your sovereignty will be emphasized and your confidence in your ability to move through life in alignment with your true self will increase. You will be encouraged to be less dependent on the thoughts and opinions of others and experience the full power to live life sourced from your wise heart.

As I was contemplating this message to you last night, I realized one important thing.  I scheduled everything to start around the same time and to be paid at the same time. When I saw this I knew I had to make some adjustments because it is never my intention to create unnecessary financial hardships for anyone.  So I have made the following changes:

1. The start date for The Enlightened Empath Training will now be March 3 instead of February 3 and the registration deadline has been extended a month. There will now be two sessions in March, March 3 and March 24, to give more support at the beginning of the program.  A payment schedule may be set up if paying all at once is difficult.

2. The registration deadline for the Mt. Shasta Retreat has been extended a month to March 1.  Note, there are 8 people registered for the retreat, this leaves 8 spaces left at this time.

3. The Mentoring Program for Energy Practitioners and Teachers still begins Jan. 25 and The Evolving Consciousness class still begins Feb. 5.

The class schedule leaves space in mid summer and December as compared to the intense schedule of 2017.

For those who are trying to figure out which classes to take here is my suggestion.

  • The weekly classes in the Your Evolving Consciousness Series, are the most mystical and support life changing transformation.
  • The Enlightened Empath program is for empaths who are truly struggling to find their place in the world and ground their life within their own truth.  Please share this program with anyone who is a suffering empath, it will be truly helpful.
  • The Mt. Shasta retreat is where you finally give yourself the time and space to go deeper without worldly to distractions.. The Mt. Shasta sphere of influence has a high frequency atmosphere that supports your inner journey. The majesty and beauty is absolutely astounding and inspiring.This is what I look for when finding a location for a retreat.
  • The Mentoring Program is important for those who want supervision, feedback and inspiration to spur their own healing and spiritual group and individual work.  Having a sacred circle to share your challenges, receive affirmation, and to get feedback on actual situations in your work is very important. We can’t grow without asking questions and seeking feedback. There is no sense of competition in this class which is a huge blessing.  You can share what is coming directly from your soul without fear of criticism, competition, or judgement.  it’s truly an open forum.

I hope this helps clarify some points for you.  I feel like I’m in active transition and a little “bobbly/wobbly” in terms of still being under the influences of change.

Blessings, Sarah Weiss


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  1. Penny Shemo

    Looking forward to Golden Light Consciousness beginning Feb. 5 – I am registered but so far have received no instructions. (Ear pods ready to go!)


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