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If Your Beloved is an Empath You Are Very Lucky!

February 8, 2018

I’m writing this so empaths will understand that they truly contribute wonderful qualities to relationships. They are forever being told they are too sensitive, their feelings aren’t real, or their needs are too inconvenient.  When empaths understand and value their own unique feelings and sensitive nature, are confident and grounded, they bring a relationship to life! Nothing is ever dull for the empath is ever creating from the vital flow of high frequency energies they channel.

Empaths bring so much love and caring to a relationship. It’s impossible for a non-empath to know the depth of an empaths love. Empaths live on higher frequency vibrations and love is the highest frequency. It is impossible for an empath to turn off their heart. It would be like holding their breath, they would die or go unconscious.

—If you want an honest and open relationship, empaths are the one for you.

If you want a loyal, loving partner, empaths are for you.

—If you want to share ever new and creative experiences, empaths are in a constant state of renewal.

—If you want a loving parent for your children, an empath will know their heart and soul and be a powerful and wise guide.

—If you want someone who can anticipate your needs, empaths are impeccable at sensing their partners wishes and desires.

If you are spiritual and want someone to journey with into the heart of the universe, an empath is the One.

—If you want to dive into the depths of the shadows of your being to emerge as the phoenix, do it with an empath. They will be with you all the way.

If you want to share your life, here and beyond, an empath joins you on every dimension.

—If you appreciate intuitive awareness and vision, an empath is an expert at vibrational awareness and intelligence.

If you want to see a higher vision/version of yourself, an empath shines the light on the mirror.

—If you want to expand into fifth dimensional consciousness, an empath is right by your side.

If you want to know the truth about someone or a situation, your empath partner will help you see clearly.

—If you need healing, an empath is right there with heart and hands radiating light and love.

Are you ready for a high frequency relationship?  Empaths live off high frequency energies that are enlivening and expansive.  Opening new vistas and releasing old patterns, empaths bring a presence to relationships that is truly exciting.  Do you feel worthy of this much love. That is the one question anyone in relationship with an empath must ask themselves? If you don’t you’ll find yourself resisting the greatest love humans can share.

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