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Removing the Shroud of Guilt and Shame Programming

April 21, 2018

It’s hard to believe that our consciousness has been imprisoned in a shroud of guilt and shame for thousands of years. It’s not just you who feels guilty or ashamed most of the time. It’s pervasive and debilitating for all humanity.  This is not your true consciousness. It’s a darkness that descended upon humanity thousands of years ago and is now just lifting.

A Vision

Once upon a time I ate a chocolate cupcake. It was gluten free and made with natural ingredients, thank God, or else my guilt and shame would have been much worse. How many ways can I feel guilt and shame for eating a chocolate cupcake?  Our society offers plenty of ways. I felt guilty for engaging in poor self-care, for eating sugar, empty calories, and throwing off my PH. I felt guilty for not staying on my “diet”, for doing irreparable harm to my body, and for not being a perfect spiritual teacher. I could go on but you get the picture.

Every message from our culture shames us into believing we are not good enough. If only we would buy more, strive harder, and be more perfect we would feel great. We don’t get messages that tell us to relax and listen to our intuition, most are meant to shame us into submission.

When I noticed that my guilt and shame was creating a shadowy discomfort in my gut and mind, I decided to dig into it further. Something didn’t feel right.

I entered into a meditative state and began an inquiry into guilt and shame.

Immediately I was shown a dark shroud over the light of my higher being. Like someone tossed a black veil over a lamp. Through experience I’ve learned what to do when I’m shown a vision like this. I stay quiet and patient letting the vision unfold.  If more is revealed it is because I’m detached and open.

The veil was lifted off the light of my higher being and a higher wisdom came forward.  Brilliant, silky, liquid light poured down upon my entire being. All physical, emotional, mental and energetic layers were filled with this liquid light of consciousness.  It has a name in Vedic literature, it’s call Amrita, the river of immortality. This river of immortality is the all-loving blissful energy that runs from our eternal being to our mortal being. It feels like pure love, vibrancy and joy. It cleansed the shame and guilt in a second and my serenity was restored.

The teaching on guilt on shame was delivered by the river of immortality and interpreted by my then crystal clear mind.

We are not defined by guilt and shame. They are not our true consciousness. They are transitory qualities that exist to guide the human spirit towards higher consciousness. They are not meant to endlessly taunt us and mire us in darkness. We can learn from these qualities and grow.  If we don’t, we languish in a toxic soup of lower frequencies that spiral into even lower frequencies producing more confusion and darkness.

A second teaching followed.

Humanity has been under the influence of a guilt and shame program for thousands of years. This program has separated us from our higher being and hypnotized us into believing we need to seek absolution or forgiveness from external authorities. We’ve been denied the wisdom and understanding of our intrinsic wisdom and led to believe we were lowly and undeserving. When we know we can access the cleansing and enlightening nectar of the river of immortality it inspires us to act benevolently, kindly, and wisely. We are not slaves to darkness. When left to our own devices, and knowing we have access to all-pervading loving and wise self counsel, we will rise to the occasion, not sink as we have been led to believe.

The teaching raised me above the state of compulsive guilt and suffering, filling me with the knowing that I am loved and cared for unconditionally.

The third and most radical teaching came through after I digested the second one.

It’s ridiculous to believe you are not connected to your higher being. You can sense your toes, hear your thoughts, and feel your feelings, why wouldn’t you be clearly connected to your higher being?

The only reason you wouldn’t be is if something has gotten in the way, in a BIG way.  It would be like not sensing your foot or hand, it’s that much a part of you. It’s not separate nor distant. That BIG something that is getting in the way is the hypnotic program described in the second teaching.

For thousands of years spiritual beings have been trying to raise humanity above pain and suffering. The challenges of the darkness have been great. It took years of spiritual practice and many lifetimes to gain liberation. Now is the time to be free.

With those last words the teaching ended.

When deep teachings come through directly into my conscious awareness they are powerful and life changing. Often the teaching is not just for me, but for my students and clients, too.

What if I’ve Done Something Wrong?

Of course, everyone does something that weighs heavily on their consciousness. But is our approach of punishment, guilt and shame the most enlightened response? Humanity has been stuck in the punishment model far too long. Taking the approach of raising our consciousness will help us mend the relationships and situations we’ve harmed.

This has been demonstrated by native tribes throughout the planet. It is not unusual for the community to place the one who has harmed, stolen, or killed in the middle of a circle and heal them with prayer and shamanic practices. The support of a community is crucial to the positive outcome and the ritual leader receives guidance on how to heal and enlighten the entire community.  The most important point is that it is ceremonial and judicial. It is not sourced from a vengeful, angry, fear state that further blames and shames but from higher light and wisdom. Nothing good ever comes from blaming and shaming.

It’s time to free ourselves from the polarized consciousness that generates both violence and punishment.Can you believe that your higher consciousness, the grander consciousness of your being wants you to suffer? Would your higher being want you to hurt other people? Your higher being would not sentence you to endless guilt and shame. Purgatory is a made-up concept to keep us subject to the control of others.

Healing, Not Blaming, is the Answer

Many have blamed our separation from higher self on religion, the Annunaki, the patriarchy, asteroids, or the flood. Who knows, it could be one, some or none of these reasons. Because we are in such a fast-paced consciousness shift, each day brings new information forward about humanity’s true history, earth and star lineage, and the multi-dimensional layers of our being. I don’t have the full picture of “why” we have been in the dark so long, but I do know we can focus on bringing in the light.

The primary objective of this class, Removing the Shroud of Guilt and Shame Programming is providing a sense of the light and power of your higher being when it is freed from the obstructions of slavery programming. Through teachings and attunements to higher frequency consciousness created in our sacred circle, shadow energies will be carried to the light, enabling you to be free from the shroud of guilt and shame. Once freed of this lurking darkness your light will shine more clearly and your higher being will become your everyday being.

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