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August 5, 2018

We try so hard to channel the wisdom of the masters, saints and prophets.  Our minds and hearts reach for the unknown and the unseen, trying to connect to the eternal wisdom that lies just beyond the reach of our everyday thoughts and feelings.  We want this wisdom to inform us, to guide us, to help us know our finer self and to light the path that lies before us.

We have been programmed to believe that we couldn’t possibly be as wise, compassionate or perfect as the ascended beings held on a pedestal for us to worship.  And YES, there are multiple beautiful beings that exist in all dimensions and in all forms who do carry profound wisdom. And YES, there is a perennial wisdom somewhere out there in the unseen worlds that can guide us wisely and along our path. BUT what you haven’t been taught is that same perennial wisdom, those same breathtakingly beautiful and heart touching teachings are available to you through your higher being.

You say that can’t be so. That you are not good enough to be that exemplary, that refined, that wise.  This belief just isn’t true. Once you open to this understanding and walk the spiritual path with humility, you will have one of the most poignant revelations of the spiritual path.  That YOU are the ONE you have been seeking.

This teaching has become so trite in the new age spheres that it’s possible to miss the message entirely.  It seems incredulous that your higher being would have access to the same elevated teachings that your most revered teachers do, but that is the point of the spiritual path. Any teacher that tries to guide you otherwise is not doing you any favors. The spiritual path is meant to lead you to your finer self, the one that is not masked by the shadow of a dense world and dense times.

The first step is to align with your own body, mind and spirit. Then the revelations keep coming. You cannot convince yourself that your higher self is that wise and beneficent. You need to be shown, to have it revealed, then you will believe it.

My next class, that starts in September, The Self-Revealing You, will help us enter this sphere of knowing.  It takes a little adjusting, maybe a lot of adjusting, and growing out of old programs and belief systems, but it is possible and I want to help make it possible for you.

Your Evolving Consciousness: The Self-Revealing You


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