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Planetary Frequencies Jump Higher

August 20, 2018

We never expected the shift from one age to another to be so turbulent and discordant. But it makes sense that making way for the new means the old has to crumble.

All the while the world looks like it is tumbling down, our inner world is getting higher and stronger. The frequencies of the planetary and personal consciousness are rising quite rapidly. So fast, in fact, we don’t know exactly how to handle all of the changes.  It looks like we really need to learn how to be good energy surfers because the waves of change are mighty.

When I go within, the guides and teachers are ready to teach, even if I’m not ready. I have to remember that I just need to show up, they will handle the rest.

Plans change and I can’t control what happens. But to my dismay, every change seems to bring something better or reveals something important. It’s never just random. This is another teaching I must remember.

Every day I’m reminded to let go and trust the unknown. Even though it’s not quite the unknown, it might be more that it is the unseen.  The unseen world is active and light. It’s not meant to be an escape destination, but a place to return to for truth. Truth is in limited quantity these days so it’s good that we have a place where truth is held to a higher standard.

Truth is like medicine for our bodies. It might be the most important tincture we need right now. Don’t underestimate the healing power of truth. Our bodies need to hear real truth, need to feel higher love and wisdom, in order to be healthy.  Our bodies instinctively react to lies by shutting down and defending.  Openness and flow come from truth.

The good news is that as our planet moves deeper into the higher frequency dimensions of the Milky Way, we receive more high frequency light. This light pours down upon us 24 hours a day, enlightening our consciousness and raising our frequency.

Building new energetic skills will help us include the unseen dimensions in our daily lives and awareness. We can learn to nurse off the energies of the Milky Way, where the Great Mother Goddess resides. We can fortify the consciousness of life with the nectar of the Gods and allow the frequencies to transform us on a daily basis.  We can become the walking, talking embodiment of higher consciousness by looking inward and bringing forth the gifts we discover within.

I wish for everyone reading this blog the greatest blessings, light and healing possible.

I wish you the beauty of the sun, stars and moon.

I wish you the good use of power and strength.

I wish for you the deepest love possible.

Pay it forward to everyone you know.


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  1. Andrea

    Thanks for having the courage to be a beacon of truth! Again and again my heart just sings because it is hearing the truth and the Light shows through your writing. I continue to be inspired because these are not lessons being taught for self gain. They stand up to being questioned and they stand up to being discussed. I have learned from you that change is good and part of truth is part of growing and being questioned. 😇

  2. Maureen

    As always, the knowledge comes through with clarity and encouragement. Thank you. I wish for you all that you wish for everyone else.


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