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“I Don’t Care” and “I Don’t Know” are not Acceptable Answers

August 27, 2018

How many times do you say “I don’t care” or “I don’t know” in just one day? And how many times do you really care and really know?  When you say that are you hiding your wisest version of yourself from the world? From yourself? Even if what you care about or know is so subtle that you fear no one else will understand, betraying yourself by claiming you don’t care or don’t know isn’t the answer.

What you know and care about spiritually are important contributions for the world’s ascension. Every time you default to I don’t know or I don’t care you are losing an opportunity to contribute truth to the consciousness of the planet, to our collective consciousness.

Do you answer this way because it’s just easier or are you disconnected from your true feelings and deepest knowing because life is just too crazy fast?

Disconnection causes us to lose touch with important values and feelings that need acknowledgement–that need to be voiced.  Sometimes we confuse being disconnected with being detached. Detachment is a form of grounded clarity. Detachment allows you to express your truth with grace and power without domination and manipulation.

When You Really Do Care and Really Know

Sometimes it’s too easy to mistake disconnection for spiritual detachment!  Spiritual detachment is all about caring and knowing from your highest and most refined consciousness. It is detaching from the illusion and rising into the light of wisdom. When your consciousness is veiled in illusion it is easy to not care, not know and give up. Disconnection becomes a defense mechanism that slips into your consciousness like a stealth bomber, cloaked in invisibility ready to destroy truth.

Everything around us seems intent on distracting us instead of sending us inward to connect with what we know and what we care about.  I’d love to see you reconnect with your center and open the channels for your clarity to command a dominant place in your psyche.

How many times do you say I don’t care or I don’t know when…

  • someone invades your space?
  • you know more than your doctor knows about your health?
  • you know what foods really nourish you?
  • your intuition is dismissed or discounted?

When you stop for a moment and tune in, you know from many different sources what you care about and what you know.  Your body knows deeply what you care about. Your physical intelligence is so beautiful. It will help you discern the truth from lies, what is helpful and what is not, and what is meaningful and what is not.  Tapping therapies,  muscle testing, and direct intuitive sensing channel your body wisdom so that you never have to say “I don’t know”.  You do know.  The question is whether you are willing to know.

Your intuition is also a guide for what you know and care about. Dreams, synchronicities, messages from books, media or even the side of a truck or a license plate, will provide cues for what sparks you.When you say I don’t care or I don’t know you are abandoning your sovereignty, your freedom to choose what is best for you.  Your soul is sovereign and urges you towards greater and greater self-empowerment.

Pause and Breathe….Then Care and Know

When you hear yourself say I don’t care or I don’t know, pause, breathe, give yourself space to see, feel and hear your truth. When you are pressured to respond to a choice and need to reconnect with yourself, delay decisions with comments like, “I need some time to think about this,” or “I’ll get back to you with a decision“.  Or when your knowing is dismissed, stand tall and command the space with your grounded presence. Speak with a neutral clarity and make your point,  commit yourself to each word with your full energy.  Your point will be made powerfully and cleanly, without manipulation and without trying to control the outcome.

Don’t be pressured into responding when you are not ready.  Remind yourself you are willing to hear truth, you are willing to care, and you are willing to know. Trust your knowing and caring.  Speak up graciously and confidently with what you know and what you care about. There’s no need to convince anyone but yourself that what you feel and know is important. You may be right or you may be wrong, or somewhere in between, but your effort to discern and express what you care about and what you know adds a bit more clarity and awareness to the greater shared field of consciousness that nourishes us all.

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  1. Andrea

    Thanks again ,Sarah! I am increasingly clearer in my thinking when I call others to do the same. I also find it makes me focus on my own lack of actions and use of distractions to avoid making a decision. It’s empowering just in being with the awareness now and gives me the ability to really set my sights on how I want to be seen by others as a person of integrity. Whoopeee!!


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