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Death: A High Frequency Experience

September 3, 2018

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a while now. So many of my friends and relatives have had dear ones pass in recent years. Our lack of experience in journeying to realms beyond this dimension leaves us with limited resources to call upon in times of grief and parting.

For those who are moving on, the undeveloped knowledge we have of death in our culture leads us into fear rather than joy. Our lack of mature emotional and mental preparation leaves us with unfinished business to complete which may have to be achieved through a slow and painful detachment of psyche and body.

It is important to know that each life has a purpose. Our main purpose is to live, just plain live. In and of itself this is a great accomplishment. Our spirit accomplishes something momentous just by living in an earthly body. It is a new perspective and an exciting opportunity to experience the organic life cycle that is the hallmark of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Not all dimensions and bodies participate in the same cycles that we call “organic”. The unfolding of the beautiful harmonic of birth, growth, expansion, seeding and death, is the unique experience of our third dimensional world. It is filled with the beauty and intelligence of nature. It is also based on the frequency of Love.

Love, in its simplicity, is the frequency that generates our earthly life. When we leave this life we leave through the portal of Love that brought us here. This is the information that is missing. We need to know that we leave through the portal of love and will ultimately experience the great liberation that is the return to our exalted state. If you truly knew this, with every cell of your body, your transition would be one that anticipates joy and celebration.

When we are able to journey beyond this world to where dimensions of our consciousness also exist we discover that we are more fluid and wise than we think. We connect with the wisdom of the ages, what is called the Perennial Wisdom in Buddhism, that guides our soul through its journey from and to Oneness. With this as our experience, not just a thought or a concept, we can prepare for our final journey out of body with care and detail. This applies to everyone and to all cycles of our life. There is not a moment in our life that we shouldn’t be aware of, learning from and accepting of death. Death is the true teacher that helps us make the most of our embodied life.

Those who have had near death experiences or who have made shamanic journeys or meditations into the heart of being have discovered the source of Love. Without an experience of the deepest love imaginable we are left in a confused void; as if we are homeless. In the modern world we haven’t recognized the realm of the ancestors; the beings who hold the key to the mysteries and who recognize our being as sacred. The ancestors are not just our biological ancestors, but the ancestors of our spirit and those who came before us and know the road we walk upon. Without this connection to our ancestral heritage we are left emotionally bereft because all we know is the void. We may be sorely compromised and feel powerless until we dive deep down to reveal the mystery of life and death.

Unlike most religions teach, we do know where we come from and where we are going as we pass through this life. The rainbow road or the river of life that carries us onward and through is an ancient teaching that is very real and knowable in the depths of our heart. Indigenous cultures keep these teachings intact and make sure that their children are taught that the meaning to their life depends on where they came from and where they are going. The star that is the soul light of each being is known prior to or at the time of conception and the purpose and plan for that life is held sacred. How wonderful that must feel, to know that your elders held your life as sacred and understood the deeper meaning and purpose–to know that you had people to turn to that could be trusted to not project their own needs upon you. They were entrusted to know and hold the vision of your true nature in clarity. This feels almost out of reach and not even desired in our culture because we might think, in a twisted upside down way, it makes us vulnerable.

I have had the privilege in my life of being the student of one of these elders, a wise being that only held the highest truth in his heart for me. Just knowing there was someone with this type of heart vision in my life provided a reference point for the unfolding of my soul in this life time. He was a great mirror and barometer. Just by sitting quietly with him I could sense if I was being true to my deepest self or was a bit off track. He never told me what to do; it was in the holding of this vision for me that was the true gift. It is a rare experience and since his passing, one that has been hard to find again. As I write this blog I am experiencing the deepest appreciation for this great teacher who taught me how to walk the spiritual path with dignity, patience and my heart as my guide. In today’s world many of these wisdom keepers are not available to us and we are sorely lacking in good guidance and direction.

On the evening he passed from this earth plane I was unaware that he was in the throes of his liberation. At around 11 pm I was drawn outside to sit in my backyard. It was a beautiful star studded summer evening. All of a sudden I felt a breeze. It was more than just a breeze; it was a loving embrace, an all-encompassing embrace that melted my heart. I looked around and against the darkness of the night each blade of grass lit up like a twinkle light and the entire yard was filled with little lightbeams dancing with joy! It was more than magical, it was astounding. A few minutes later my husband called me inside to pick up the phone. It was the messenger telling me of his passing just a few minutes before. I was able to experience the joy of liberation through this great master.

I’ve been blessed with many of these “joyous liberating” experiences. In the role of spiritual guide I have accompanied many souls who have “dropped their robe” and continued on beyond earth life. I’ve had the privilege of journeying with them until I was allowed to go no further. Each time the experience was of pure joy and unbounding love.
Death has been part of my life since I was very young and in many ways has been my primary teacher. Almost continually for 56 years death has been nearby in the form of terminal illness for grandparents parents, uncles, aunts, childhood friends, and in-laws. Death is part of my daily life. Two of my own near death experiences continue to provide great teachings and access to unbounded love. Visitations from close relatives and friends who have passed, relatives and friends of clients who visit during sessions, visions of unembodied beings who grace with their light are a regular experience in my life.

Dying does not take our loved ones across an impassable boundary. We are free to learn about these other dimensions so that they become more permeable. Many mystical traditions have a saying; the spiritual path is learning to die before dying. The mystic and the shaman practice the art of shifting dimensions so that when death comes they are skilled in the art of dying.

What are some of the lessons learned in these journeys beyond?

1. Love is the river of life and we are carried on that love from one dimension to another.

2. Knowing where we come from and where we are going after this life is very important for understanding how to live each day. It gives a broader view of one’s life and frees us from the suffocation of self-possession and obsession.

3. Our spirit is infinite. We are the energy that physicists say can’t be destroyed; only transformed. We exist in other dimensions and experience many unimaginable types of “lives”. All are driven by the one universal principle which is LOVE.

4. We can know where we came from and where we are going. This is an earth shaking piece of information. We don’t realize how we live suspended in a void when we don’t have this information. Pause a moment and ask yourself, are you really open to knowing who you are as the light of spirit? What would that mean to your current life? Might it open you to great joy and relieve you of the heavy burdens that accompany our materialistic culture?

5. We need to be able to consult elders and wise people who carry the vision of who we truly are beyond the physical to the metaphysical. We are much more than we remember and when we come into relationship with someone who remembers and holds this knowledge we will remember too.

And finally…

6. Death is a high frequency experience for the soul. The soul is freed of all heaviness and allowed to experience itself in its finest and most exquisite frequency.


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  1. Barb

    Your beautiful teachings are always so timely, and so very well appreciated. Being present with my parents as they transitioned taught me that Love truly is the river that carries and sustains us. Thank you Sarah!

  2. Rosanne

    I have had the privilege of being present at the transition of my parents, friends and patients and have found it to be one of the most beautiful, sacred, and mystical experiences of my life. You describe it so eloquently! I truly believe, too, that we learn to live when we truly learn to surrender to loss and death. Thank you, Sarah! Blessings

  3. Christine

    Thank you, Sarah, for passing on so much Truth and Power. Each word resonated – you were surely channeling, too. Thanks to you and to your Teacher.


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