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Hip, Knee, Back and Neck Pain: Check Out Your Boots!

November 27, 2018

First let me say, this is not your mother telling you to wear practical shoes.

As a medical intuitive I can’t tell you how many times I trace a client’s back, neck, knee or neck pain to their feet. I painfully forgot my own wisdom and put on a pair of beautiful black leather and suede knee high boots a few days ago and wore them all day long. We went shopping, out to dinner, and visited friends. I loved wearing my boots, they felt comfy and looked pretty cool!

When it was time for bed, I finally took them off. I don’t often wear shoes in the house but these boots felt great so I kept them on as I straightened up and put life away for the night. The next morning I woke up in pain!  My left knee hurt and it was hard to walk. I hobbled to the bathroom and throughout the day. I finally worked my knee out by doing yard work in my trusty garden boots with their supportive foot bed and wide opening around my calf. But four days later, my knee pain is still reminding me about the dangers of my boots.

I love boots. I wear them all year long.  Cowboy boots, garden boots, hiking boots and fashion boots, I treasure them all.  But, ankle-high, knee-high and thigh-high boots may be affecting you and you won’t ever know it. They feel comfortable on your feet when walking around but sometime later, after you’ve taken them off, you feel pain in your back, knees, hips or neck.  Leg cramps and shallow breathing can be additional symptoms. Because it is a delayed reaction you don’t associate the discomfort with your boots.

Any boots that don’t have a lot of room to bend and flex at the ankle or on the ball of the foot will strain the muscles throughout your entire body.  If they are tight around your calf they will create undue strain as well. Unconsciously you start compensating, twisting and straining your body to accommodate for the lack of flexibility at the ankle and sole. Then, if you sit with your legs crossed throughout the day you compound the stress on your muscles and joints.

Your boots should be roomy at the ankles and calves, and if they go over your knee, at your thigh level as well.  Even when your boots fit like a glove, they may be causing problems for you. I admit, I am not a podiatrist or a chiropractor, but I’m sure boots (and shoes) play a huge role in the amount of pain we suffer throughout our fascia, muscles and tendons.

Think about it, if your ankle can’t bend, the ligaments that rise up the leg get strained, they then pull on the hips and lower back, leading to a crunching of the spine and ultimately to stress on the neck and head. It’s pure mechanics.

Don’t even get me started on high heels or flip flops….again, I’m not your mother trying to convince you to wear practical shoes. I’m a medical intuitive trying to save you needless pain and suffering.  Any strain on the body can turn into a chronic condition after repeated wear and tear.

When I’m in a medical intuitive session with a client I look for first causes, the original situation that instigated the chain of events that led the client to my door.  Back pain?  I see you feel down the stairs when you were five, this is the first cause of what you are experiencing 30 years later. Had the initial abuse to the body alignment been mended at age five, my client might not have back pain at thirty-five.

If you are experiencing a lot of muscle, joint and back pain take a look at your shoes and boots as a first cause and see if you can rectify your situation. Many body work modalities can come in handy to help you reset your body alignment. These include zero balancing, cranial sacral, polarity, chiropractic, muscle release, acupuncture and many more. I recommend a simple holistic treatment first to help you identify the mechanics of your situation.  Sometimes this is all that is needed.

I would be remiss as a medical intuitive if I didn’t mention that other factors can play into your body alignment issues, but if your boots are a first, or originating cause, why not try the obvious first!

For fun…Remember the song Dry Bones….the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone….!

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  1. Cathy nesi

    Words from the mother of highest wisdom!! So true,
    And so funny too, I certainly needed the reminder
    To take good care of my beautiful feet😇❤️❄️🙏🏼


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