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A Letter to My Fellow Empaths

December 26, 2018

Dear Fellow Empath,

You’ve had quite a challenge this lifetime….you know you are not like everyone else, you know a lot more than you can say, and you’ve suffered quietly and deeply for a long time. I am an empath so I know firsthand the struggle to maintain firm boundaries, clear thoughts and feelings and good physical health. 

I worked so hard for so long just to keep my sensitivities in check. If I let go and let myself be fully empathic life was too overwhelming and exhausting. People were annoyed by my “issues”. I couldn’t stand up for myself.  I had been dismissed as “too sensitive” so often that it seemed natural to dismiss myself. So I tiptoed and hid, creating a false personality just to please others. At one point I got tired of all the hiding and fear of rejection and said I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m an empath and I will embrace who I am and finally get to know my true self. 

I discovered that the qualities that define an empath are the same qualities as the mystic. They both see beyond the surface of life, seek truth and oneness with a passion, and greet life everyday with an open heart. This is why this training is called The Enlightened Empath.

Entering this lifetime as an empath means you were born to take the mystic’s journey on the path to enlightenment. You have all the qualities that make a great mystic and lover of life. It’s time to take yourself seriously and accept that you have all the makings of a seeker of light, truth and joy.

I created The Enlightened Empath program to help empaths find joy and purpose in life. When you don’t have a clear sense of self it’s challenging to know your purpose and follow a plan for success.
In The Enlightened Empath Training you will learn how to shape and channel your telepathic, intuitive, and creative abilities to create a life that is magical, mystical and grounded. You’ll become a skilled empath instead of a victim of your sensitivities.

Most sincerely,
Sarah Weiss, founder of The Enlightened Empath Training

You are invited to register for this comprehensive and spiritually evolved empath training.

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