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Dear Fellow Empath #2

January 7, 2019

Imagine what our world would be like if 15% of your family, friends, and co-workers knew they were empaths!

Dr. Judith Orloff in her book, The Empath’s Survival Guide,  estimates that from 12- 17% of the population are empaths.  If we had a critical mass of people knowingly embracing their empathic nature our world would transform very quickly.

Transparency would become absolutely required.
No one would be able to hide, lie, or manipulate because it would be obvious to a significant number of people. 

Love would form the basis of all interactions.
Empaths are the consummate lovers of life and all beings.

Subtle Energies would be recognized instead of ignored.
Negativity would be eliminated from the shared field of consciousness due to the effect on all.

Healing would be more effective and complete.
Spiritual medicine from cell to soul would be practiced.

Collaboration instead of Competition would be the norm.
Creating ascended relationships and achievements together would be seen as positive for all.

Honoring nature and all living beings would shape our decisions.
Recognition that all beings are part of our greater consciousness would impact decisions about resources and quality of life.

Unity Consciousness would be embraced more quickly.
 The promise of a life based on higher ideals and the shared commitment to ascended consciousness would be possible.

I believe that empaths are the preview of the future human. BUT, there is a caveat, only when we become skilled and enlightened. We have the potential to pierce the veil of ignorance and low-frequency living when we recognize that the high-frequency energies empaths carry are required for planetary and personal ascension.

Most sincerely,

Sarah Weiss, Founder of The Enlightened Empath Training

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