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Dear Empath #3: Consult Empaths for a Better World

January 12, 2019

Skilled empaths are tuned into the greater light and wisdom of life. While psychics can see into the past or future, empaths see into the heart and soul.

Wouldn’t our world be different if the heart and soul determined outcomes more than money and status?

Empaths can contribute to every aspect of our lives, they are the barometers of the world.

—If I’m an employer I would want to know if my employee is fulfilling his purpose by working for me—our mutual success would be almost guaranteed.

—If I’m getting married to someone I would want to know what is in his heart and whether we are soul mates meeting once again to support mutual evolution.

—If I’m a guidance counselor helping a student chose a college major, knowing or at least understanding the directive of his heart and soul would help align his studies with his life’s goal.

—If I’m a teacher I would want to know whether my student is showing signs of ADHD, sensitivity to florescent lights or allergies to food? That would make a big difference in helping sort out learning challenges.

—If I’m a doctor I would want to know directly the condition of my patient’s body and the mind/body interaction creating a symptom. Feeling what the patient is feeling makes diagnosing so much easier.

As previously mentioned, empaths are the barometers of the world. They can sense the unease of entire populations and the effects of lies and manipulation. They can sense earth changes before they happen or the pain a dog feels yet doesn’t show. Empaths have the ability to sense when body, heart and mind are out of sync and are in need of a spiritual tune up or when illness is creeping in before it appears in the body.

Empaths also see the hidden light of heart and soul. They know the goodness of people and the world. Tuning into the cosmic movement of the stars and planets, to our higher beings and to our pure presence they can guide us to open to higher frequency energies to support our spiritual ascension.

Without religious overtones, with pure sentient connection and resonance, empaths have access to a spectrum of information that would greatly benefit our world today. Our world would be better served to include the information readily available to empaths but not obvious to others.


Sarah Weiss

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