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Dear Fellow Empath #4

January 17, 2019

I bet you didn’t know….

Not only are you an empath, but you are most likely a telepath, a psychic, a remote viewer, a healer, and an intuitive, as well?

Empaths are directly plugged into the unified field and all the layers of consciousness that connect living beings. How much easier would life have been if you had been told that what you were experiencing was real but, in the paranormal realm?

What if you knew that you were picking up not only information about others but their exact experience? What choices would you have made differently? How would it change how you feel about yourself? How would it influence your relationships and career choices?

Answering these questions can change your life this very moment. Take the time to review your life considering what you know now about being an empath. Take into account that your mind, body and emotions are clear channels for information beyond time and space and that communications and relationships might have been complicated by this?

Take one situation, one choice you made in the past, and view it from the perspective of living out someone else’s thoughts, feelings or sensations?  Maybe you didn’t go on vacation because you felt ill, but now you know that illness was actually someone else’s. With this information how readily could you have cleared that impression and gone on that much needed vacation?

—What if you broke up with your lover because you felt they didn’t love you? When in reality they were thinking that you didn’t love them?

—What if you were fearful about making a career move? Now looking back, you realize it wasn’t your fear standing in your way, but your partner’s, your parents, or even the employer interviewing you, but you thought it was your own.

—What if you had an impression that a friend was going to die? You dismissed it as stupid, why would you even think such a thing. Then she passes unexpectedly, and you are left feeling responsible for her death.

—What if you saw disease inside someone’s body and had no words or reference point to describe what you saw?

Not knowing you were an empath/telepath/psychic/remote viewer/healer/intuitive created many issues for you. Now is the time to clean up the past, claim your unique empathic experience of life, and move on free from the past.

Exercise Review: Knowing what you know now….

Do a mini-life review.  Recall a situation that made you wince, that is unbearable to remember. Now look at the situation knowing you are an empath/telepath/psychic/remote viewer/healer/intuitive. With eyes and heart wide open give yourself some self-love and understanding. See how the situation was unmanageable because you had no idea what was really happening….how your subtle abilities were creating issues without your knowledge. Now practice forgiveness for yourself and other people involved in the situation.

Taking the time to see your life considering what you now know heals the heavy burden of the past and allows you to be present with more confidence, curiosity, and compassion. Understanding how your sensitive physical and metaphysical senses are engaged every moment of your life helps you manage life more clearly and cleanly as an empath.

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  1. kathy barbe

    I had a dream of the space shuttle challenger explosion. 3 days later it blew up. I dreamed my little brother died. He was killed four hours later. I have visions, dreams, premonitions, all of it.I currrently dont have the money to utilize your help to its fullest potential so I want you to know how much I appreciate your blog. Debra from the crystal bee gave me your site Im very thankful.


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