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Help! I Can’t Find the Words

February 26, 2019

Dear Fellow Empath,

How can you communicate clearly when you are overwhelmed and flooded with information from both the seen and unseen worlds?

Are you frustrated because you can’t find the words to describe what is invisible to most?

Has this been a lifelong pattern beginning at an early age?

Are you shut down even before you try to speak?

Can you hear me sigh?

What I have to share with you carries a lot of weight. It’s been a long road to find my voice and feel comfortable living in my power and truth. It probably has been for you, too.

Concerning communication, empaths are afraid their empathic nature will betray them. It goes like this:

1. Unless an empath is skilled, you question everything you think and feel. Each time you speak, the possibility exists that your thought is actually the other person’s thought. If you feel sick or tired, is that a type of communication that reveals the inner condition of another person and not yourself? The telepathic connection makes distinguishing yourself from another very challenging. You begin to question whether you live as an individual or just as a mirror reflecting everyone around you.

2. If you can’t trust your thoughts and feelings as your own, you wonder if you ever have ideas and beliefs that reflect the true you. And if you don’t, why bother speaking.

3. If you say what you do know, which is often more than what is apparent, will you be dismissed and judged?

Empaths speak a different language than 85% of the population. They speak the language of Unity, where all is One and fragmentation and polarity do not exist. Try speaking Oneness to someone who speaks separateness. It obviously calls for an interpreter!

From the moment empaths realize they live in a different world than others, they feel marginalized and different. Once you tell your mother that your aunt has cancer or that you have a stomach ache that the doctor can’t confirm, you are put on notice that you are different. Why shouldn’t you be fearful of speaking your truth?

The empath’s mind and nervous system are running a different program, they are downloaded with the Unity Program, the non-dual consciousness of existence.

Individuality is embedded in Unity. Empaths were born with this knowledge, and it is the context of their lives. Life does not make sense unless we all recognize our common unified field of being, the Oneness. And this is the source of the empath’s confusion. When an empath doesn’t feel the all-enveloping unity of light and spirit first, nothing else matters. But how do you communicate this to one who can’t relate?

Empaths have a natural ability to tune into the subtle realms where understanding subtle energy is of primary importance. But if they don’t know their version of reality is worthy and valid, they are left in a void, between worlds. How do you communicate when all you feel is extreme confusion?
To make communication for empath’s flow more smoothly here are a few suggestions.

1. Ground and connect your body and energy with Mother Earth and Father Sun, so you are held in the love and understanding of the unity field.

2.Be slow and thoughtful, upgrading what you want to say to your best wisdom and clarity by channeling your higher wisdom and light.

3. Stay concentrated within, the minute you look for validation or affirmation from another person your power will go out to them, and you’ll open the door to feeling their feelings and thoughts.

4. You have to speak up and trust your heart wisdom. Heart wisdom is not the same as emotions. Heart wisdom is an emotional reaction refined to intuitive insight.

5. Accept and love yourself no matter what happens. There is no benefit in self-criticism and judgment.

Remember this: Just because others can’t hear you doesn’t mean you can’t speak. Empaths have ears that genuinely hear and eyes that honestly see. They sense commonality before differences and love before enmity which is so different than the consciousness of the mainstream culture. It is up to the empath to embody their higher knowledge and be the expression of divine light and healing. It is not your purpose to cave beneath ignorance and darkness.

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