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Are You a Happy Empath?

March 7, 2019

Dear Fellow Empaths,

I rarely hear from happy empaths. Most often it is the opposite. So many empaths are unhappy. Why?

The most common answer to this question involves how sensitive empaths are to the suffering of others.

But, the most straightforward answer is this:  Happiness, for empaths and everyone else, is the experience of your true self.

When you experience your true being, fully and deeply, you discover an amazing secret.

You realize you are pure love.

And when you realize you are pure love you are REALLY happy.

That is until the ugly judgments around making a living, accomplishing something useful in life, and being attractive creep in.

Poof! In an instant, your happiness disappears.

You figure you might as well find the nearest monastery because that is the only place where pure love is valued.

Instead of running off to hide behind those monastery walls, grab a pen and paper, cell phone,  i pad, or whatever and begin writing.

Write about how much you love humanity, animals, trees, flowers, insects, tech gear, science, art, creativity and let the love flow in an infinite flow of love.  After each statement pause and feel how important this love and how happy you are.  Don’t let those ugly thoughts creep in. Stay in the positive flow and relish it, relish yourself.

Realistically I know you won’t stay in the happy place permanently but the practice will show you where your happiness is and how to find it again and again. Here is a great thing about this practice. If you want to attract your next job, partner, home, or whatever, the more you sit in the flow of your love, the more magnetism you accrue. The more magnetism you have, the more you will attract what you need and want. You will also clear the energies you pick up from others. Love is the great purifier.

Share your experience of happiness with others who read this page. The comment section is at the bottom of this post. If your comment doesn’t show up immediately it means I have to approve it. This is for our, yours and mine, cyber safety.


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  1. Cindy Wineburgh

    Sarah – I have been listening to your podcast with Michelle Chalfant and love the material! And I was sort of, kind of, doing the practice above, of writing about what I love and truly savoring those things that make me feel whole and meaningful – but I’ll do it more and fill more of my experience with it. Thank you!
    (yes, I’ve spent much of my life grumpy and aware of my pain, esp since I was told over and over as a child 60 years ago that “you are too sensitive” and the like – by relatively loving, kind, spiritual parents and peers.


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