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Making the Invisible Visible

March 18, 2019

The great mystery of life is the quest to make the invisible visible.  Scientists have been making the invisible world visible since the invention of the microscope and telescope. Even finding minerals, such as oil, gold, and crystals, deep within the earth is making the invisible visible. What was once in the dark surfaces in the light.

Those who are the sensitives, the telepaths, empaths, intuitives, and psychics know subtle energies are real. You can’t pretend they are not. You are processing subtle energies all the time. Even physicists agree subtle energies are real.   The subtle world makes up a huge percentage of the information we receive and it’s insane to ignore and artificially compartmentalize it. You can use a lot of energy to block out what we intuitively know to be true. Doing this impacts our health and well-being negatively. It’s a complete waste and drain of energy.

When you compartmentalize you block, ignore, and segment information into small fragments that no longer relate to the whole. You can compartmentalize so rigidly that vast portions of consciousness are never known.  The world of subtle energy has been blocked out of everyday consciousness since the split between mind and body occurred. We are now on the path to recovering our wholeness which includes accepting the intuitive world of energy and non-locality.

The path from the invisible to the visible is about consciousness. When consciousness is expanded the inner senses wake up and attest to the reality of the subtle world. When consciousness is contracted the inner senses are dulled and the subtle recedes behind a curtain of ignorance. Humanity is on the path towards more sensitivity to the subtle realms, not less.  More of the invisible will become visible as the planetary consciousness evolves.

Our consciousness parallels scientific discoveries. Now that we can translate digital information to form images of galaxies far far away, we can translate the energies of frequency and vibration into images that illustrate the subtle worlds. Simple medical devices and tests let us know that the invisible world of thought, emotion, and environment impact the body in a positive or negative way. Those who are already sensitive know this first hand. Ask an intuitive or empath if they can feel someone thinking about them and they will say “yes”. They can also tell if it is a negative or positive thought and its impact. We can no longer deny the subtle and we can no longer deny that we are the most sensitive beings on the planet. Making the invisible visible is the purpose of the most sensitive among us. Everyone was amazed that the elephants in Thailand ran to the highlands before the tsunami hit, but if an intuitive or empath predicted the same event they would be mocked.

It’s time to develop the intuitive arts as seriously as the creative or scientific arts. Making the invisible visible is the purpose of the intuitive and empathic ability innate within every human. To feel as another feels, to understand from the depths of the heart, to know that the entire universe is alive and communicating continuously opens us to a vast matrix of support and wisdom that is currently invisible but is very willing to be made visible.

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