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Dear Fellow Empath: Screaming Head and Heart

April 14, 2019

Create Your Empathic Response Profile

How do you feel when your partner is anxious?

How do you feel when your sister has a sore back?

Creating my own Empathic Response Profile helped me realize I am communicating telepathically (non-locally) unconsciously. This is natural for empaths as their consciousness is connected to the Oneness that unites us all.  But life gets complicated when you end up living someone else’s experience. That’s not what your life is about, it’s about expressing your true self as an evolved, highly telepathic, loving being.

Creating Your Empathic Response Profile

Creating your Empathic Response Profile is an ongoing exercise. Sometimes the relationship between your thoughts and feelings and another is obvious and sometimes it’s not. The goal is not to blame or externalize your power rather it is the first step towards a more empowered you.

Begin creating your profile with these steps.

  1. Notice how you feel around each person you meet. Are you more depressed, does a specific part of your body hurt, are you happier, hungrier, more empowered, more tired, excited, anxious?
  2. Notice how you feel around your family and close friends. Ask yourself the same questions from #1.
  3. Name your experience and ask your intuition for guidance right on the spot.

Note: It seems that empaths have trouble believing that someone else feels depressed or anxious, experiences pain, or doesn’t feel confident.  Empaths have trouble believing that someone who looks happy is not truly happy or that someone in pain says they are fine. This is where you need to trust your intuition, trust your feelings and trust your body. You are receiving information that is invisible, it is coming through the subtle channels of consciousness, not through the normal channels of communication. Take off the rose-colored glasses and allow yourself to intuitively know without preconceptions and expectations.

Over time you will find yourself more aware of your empathic responses and they will get very specific.

Keep a journal of your experiences so you can refer to it. Look at this as a field research project, revealing information step-by-step.

Here is an example of my Empathic Response Profile.

These are the consistent empathic responses I’ve come to know.

  1. When my oldest daughter is anxious, I feel angry.
  2. When my youngest daughter is anxious, I feel tired.
  3. When my husband’s ADHD is out of control, I leave my body.
  4. When my mother was depressed, I felt exhausted. (not from taking care of her but from our energetic linkage)
  5. When one particular fiend is upset, I feel at loose ends.
  6. When one particular friend is angry, I feel like she is angry at me.
  7. When the United States experiences traumatic events such as mass killing, weather-related tragedies, political upheaval, I feel fluish.
  8. When there is a big earthquake anywhere in the world I have to go to sleep.
  9. When one particular friend has a migraine headache, I feel like screaming.
  10. When a client is experiencing pain and suffering I will feel their feelings a day before the session or dream about them at night.
  11. A few hours before I’m to teach a class I’ll feel the general darkness and negativity of the class.
  12. When my husband is anxious, my feet hurt.
  13. When anyone in my family is hungry, depressed, or anxious I want to eat.
  14. When I wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling of doom or anxiousness, I know it’s someone else, not me.
  15. When I’m with a person in the midst of dying I feel inspired and connected to the divine.

My strategy for clearing and detaching is to ground and center with Mother Earth and Father Sun to run high-frequency wisdom energy through my consciousness.  Here is the Grounding Meditation I practice.

Download the audio file here.

Creating your Empathic Response Profile will help create some distance and perspective for you. You will come to know yourself and create ways to clear and disengage as your clarity increases and intuitive wisdom emerges.

Once I’ve cataloged my empathic experiences it’s easier for me to say:

  1. Those aren’t mine. I send healing prayers for those who are experiencing the pain and suffering.
  2. I trust their higher guidance to guide them on a healing journey as I trust mine to do the same.
  3. They are allowed to have their experiences without my entanglement just as I am allowed to have mine free of entanglement from others.

Of course, you want to develop your telepathic abilities and experience of Oneness, that’s a no-brainer. When figuring out my empathic nature I knew I had an “in” with the light and love of the cosmos, but it seemed to come with the high price of confusion, weak boundaries and feeling generally lost. I learned to navigate what I call 3-D reality from the wisdom and light of higher consciousness. Creating your Empathic Response Profile is a great way to help you keep your connection to the higher realms and ground safely in everyday life.

Download additional helpful guided meditations 

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  1. Patrick W

    I don’t feel and I have tried through out my life to meditate. It’s not possible for me. I have a lot going on physically. What might work for most empathic’s don’t work for me. I have a lot of trauma in my life and was born with some too, physically as well as emotionally. Thanks

  2. Barb Parsons

    Thank you so much Sarah for your generosity in sharing this! It really helps to clarify things for me. I feel the love and empathy through your words…a genuine intention to help us all bring more light and understanding to this world. Thank you, thank you!


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