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Embodied Spirituality: Your Body as a Sacred Site

April 30, 2019

You are the embodiment of light and wisdom. Every being is.

The most overlooked sacred site is your own body. We look everywhere for the sacred except to our self. Everything else can be sacred but not us; God forbid we claim our divinity! The truth is we haven’t looked deep enough to discover the sacred underpinnings of our being. We arise out of a sacred well of life that sources everything from the internal to the external. The thread is there. We need to find it, follow it and understand our connection to the sacred.

We may not be able to find the light in our body or our mind, but our heart reveals it readily. The light and wisdom of the body are so obvious to the heart because our body is created from the heart. Physiologically this is scientifically proven. The very first cells that multiply in the womb become the heart and the rest of the body is created from these original primordial cells. Our body is born from the heart, a very special organ that is so vast that the essence of all LOVE is contained within it. Heart wisdom and light permeate the body like the fragrance of a rose, an ineffable perfume that subtly pervades all yet is invisible. You could say that our body is the greatest creation of our heart.

Pause for a moment and imagine all of your cells, your bones, organs, connective tissues, arteries, veins, blood, lymph, and skin as the creation of an all-loving heart. Your consciousness, your soul, seated and nestled in the heart, formed your body as its conscious vessel. It is the sum of your consciousness and the conscious creation of your soul. This is what the mystic longs to understand because it connects us to the source of creation.

Claiming our divinity is not a function of the mind. It cannot be claimed through intellectual reasoning. Understanding that we are the Source, the Creator, is an intuitive knowing. It is a profound feeling that is known so deeply that our every cell, bone, and organ aligns with this truth. This unmistakable sense of wholeness and harmony lifts us out of misery into a state of awe. This is the physicality of the mystic; the experience of the body as an expression of the love, light, and wisdom of the divine. From this perspective, our body is formed out of the same light of consciousness that all of creation is formed from.

This insight arises out of the Feminine mystical teachings. The Feminine teachings are both practical and magical. The Feminine teaches us about embodied light and wisdom. Giving birth to physical reality is the domain of the feminine. The power, compassion, and courage it takes to do this is underestimated and under-valued by both women and men.

There must be a purpose in being embodied otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Somehow the obvious escapes us and we experience life as a punishment rather than a gift. This is the result of living disconnected from the sacred site of our body. This teaching was buried and forgotten long ago. Instead, a type of dissociation has been considered “normal” and passed on from generation to generation until the body became perceived as the enemy and Mother Earth became an object instead of our greatest living teacher.

The irony is that instead of looking to our own hearts we were told to seek God outside of ourselves and into an unattainable beyond. This made us feel as if we couldn’t possibly be good enough to be the vessel of the divine. It undermined our confidence, created a self-loathing that punished us from morning to night, and kept us from knowing the light and wisdom of our being. We couldn’t find it because we didn’t look for it in the right place….in our heart and the very own cells of our body.

This wisdom can be reclaimed and remembered. Our greatest teacher about the mysteries of the body is Mother Earth. We are connected to the same creative force and live in the same dimension of physical consciousness as Mother Earth. She is fully sentient and multi-dimensional and at One with all that exists.

She models for us daily the intelligence and wisdom of the creative forces. She can help us understand our own creation and the creative nature behind it. When we sink into her loving arms, her consciousness enlightens ours and helps us understand the relationship of consciousness to physical reality. In other words, she helps us understand how to be humbly and fully human; to bring our full presence, our embodied light, and wisdom to our daily lives with unparalleled passion, power, and courage. She teaches us how to stay centered on our axis, to be in harmony with all around us, and to walk our path with the knowledge that we are the creators of our creation. She teaches us how to grow ourselves the same way she grows flowers and trees, each one of us a unique creation with a unique place in the garden of life.

The wisdom teachings of embodied light and wisdom exist within us and around us, right here on earth. The Ancients knew and lived these teachings. Now they are re-surfacing in a new iteration. We are beginning to remember once again. But it’s funny how we don’t let ourselves know the truth. If we are kept in a dissociated state, believing that the body is the obstacle to knowing God, we won’t even bother to connect. But there is hope because truth eventually reveals itself.

We are being asked to fully embody; to immerse ourselves so deeply in the feminine wisdom of physical reality that we come to the source of all. Mothers know this instinctually. They are the embodiment of the feminine teachings…their body knows exactly how to create physical reality from within their own heart and body…without even thinking. Every day millions of mothers are re-enacting the creation story of humanity and we don’t even pay attention to it, let alone honor it as sacred teaching.

The 2015 winter solstice was a pivotal point for the emergence of the feminine teachings. The entire force of the cosmos is opening us to a new awareness of who we truly are. Without the wisdom teachings of the feminine, the intimate knowledge of creation, our ability to understand and be the highest version of ourselves is undermined.

We are being invited to become students of our own being; to turn within to the temple of the heart and to unearth the wisdom hidden in its consciousness. The key word is “consciousness”. If we look at the body as an object it will never reveal its secrets to us. If we know the body to be the living expression of the heart and embrace it with love, know it as our own divine creation, then we come to the brink of great realization. Our body consciousness becomes the path rather than the obstacle. With this understanding, we can allow the great feminine teachings of embodied light and wisdom to guide us on the next steps of our magical mystical journey.

Originally published January 3, 2016


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  1. Stephanie Lavin

    In reading this I know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be 💖thank you so very much; what a gift you are!

  2. Andrea Schlenkerman

    A tearful truthful thanks for such words my heart has been longing to hear. Many many blessings for bringing them to me and us all,Sarah!

    1. joann

      I did one of your meditations on New Year’s Eve. What a great way to end the old year and welcome in the New! And now I am blessed by receiving these beautiful words of wisdom! My heart continues to open and my trust deepens. Thank you, Sara! Happy New Year!


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