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Ungrounded Energies are Toxic to Empaths and Everyone Else!

June 24, 2019

Have you noticed yourself spacing out, your stomach tensing, feeling nauseous, confused, or upset in relation to a person or situation? It’s a sure indication that you are encountering ungrounded energies.

When an empath encounters ungrounded energies in the world, their physical, mental and emotional systems go haywire. Just like an ungrounded circuit in a home causes fires or appliances to blow out, ungrounded mental/emotional/physical energy causes the equivalent of a disaster in an empath’s nervous system.

Ungrounded energy is toxic to all life. It causes tension, stress, shock, anxiety, irritation, overwhelm, and confusion for everyone, not just empaths. But empaths are intensely sensitive to ungrounded energies and our world is not very grounded right now so empaths are challenged to generate and maintain their personal grounded state in order to stay healthy and sane.

What Does Grounded Energy Feel Like?

  1. Grounded energies feel smooth, clear and calm. Even grounded excitement feels good, and not too racy or out of control.
  2. Resilience, openness, and adaptability are expressions of grounded energy.
  3. Inner peace and happiness are a natural result of grounded energy.
  4. Wisdom and intuition are accessible in grounded energy.
  5. Grounded energy forms natural personal boundaries and well-being.

Who wouldn’t want to be grounded and around grounded energies all of the time!

Get Grounded! Listen to this Grounding Meditation.

Experience what grounding feels like by listening to this 30-minute recording. I guide you through a meditative grounding that draws you into the awareness of the grounded state. With practice, you will be able to sustain it throughout your day. Practice it in the morning to set the tone of your day or in the evening to clear help you sleep peacefully.

Download the audio file here.

Also, click here to download my free Introduction to Grounding Ebook.

Enjoy discovering the benefits of grounding. Additional grounding resources can be found by clicking here.

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