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Struggling to Prop Up Your Self Confidence and Value

June 27, 2019

It seems like we are endlessly trying to prop up our self confidence. Self help books, meditation, exercise, diets, positive affirmations and all of the programs that tell you if you follow this program you will be great and successful keep us on a relentless search for peace and self acceptance. This is all good if it weren’t for one missing ingredient…..true feminine energy.

We’ve been living surrounded by a masculine culture that is mostly showing it’s shadow side, not the bright, strong, courageous, compassionate, and wise energy of the true masculine. This is because the true feminine energy, which is also bright, strong, courageous, wise, and compassionate was suppressed when the earth entered a zone of low frequency energy thousands of years ago.

Now, as the earth enters into a zone of higher frequency energy new feminine energies are rising and entering our consciousness. Yes, the consciousness of most of humanity is dependent upon the movement of the earth in its orbit through the galaxy.  Just as we are dependent upon the Sun for our life, the galactic bodies that reach beyond the Sun also impact our potential for growth and ascension.  We don’t like to admit that we are under the influence of greater bodies than our own because we are a fiercely independent minded culture. But it is true, just look at how the moon affects our emotions or how mercury in retrograde impacts our communications and machines.  Whether we like it or not we are part of a greater consciousness and it does affect who we are and what we do.

The consciousness of Mother Earth and all beings who live within her are spiraling through the cosmos into higher frequency energy which means we are all experiencing the liberation of our true feminine energy. This means we are also waking up to the urgings from our higher consciousness to liberate our consciousness from enslavement to materialistic consciousness. The Age of Aquarius is ushering in a freedom movement that is expanding our consciousness and wakening insight into the true nature of our beings.

Liberation has always been the goal of all spiritual paths. Without the feminine to harmonize with the masculine there is no liberation. Our consciousness does not have the energetic structure to support liberated consciousness without both higher feminine and masculine consciousness.  Our subtle energy system, the chakras and nadiis that circulate higher frequency energies throughout our energy body need both the feminine and masculine energies spiraling through the channels, balancing each other as they rise through the multiple levels of consciousness that make up our being, and to ultimately form a clear channel of liberating consciousness.

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