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Empaths Need A Language of Love, Unity, and Connection to be Considered Valued and Valid

July 5, 2019

If we think of grammar as having an underland—well, the underland of our grammar, of English as I understand it to be conventionally used, is not one that recognizes the more-than-human world with richness, respect, reciprocity, and legitimacy. Robert McFarlane, Ph.D., Writer, Scholar, Cambridge University

Robert McFarlane is my inspiration of the moment. He came to my awareness through the latest issue of Emergence Magazine.  An avid mountaineer and word lover, he writes eloquently of the inability of the English language to describe the ineffable and beautiful world of spirit and nature. He describes the deeper knowing and organic experience as the understory, as in the understory of the forest, where trees live in reciprocal harmony, supplying each other with nutrients and subtle energy through the earth and their roots, to keep the community healthy and thriving. So little of the “understory” is acknowledged in our culture due to the limitations of our language. We’re missing what I consider the 95% of living that goes on outside of our awareness.

This applies to empaths/telepaths too. Empaths have an awareness of the “understory”, the living that is happening beyond the limiting belief of our culture. When our language does not serve to explain the subtleties of human interaction, which empaths are so tuned in to, how are empaths able to feel valid and heard?

Empaths are living the experience of the underland.  Their energy automatically and unconsciously reaches out to those who need more energy, happiness, health, and love. They live from the same sense of Oneness and community that exists in a family of trees. But, as in the world of trees, the underland goes unrecognized and all that empaths do to share their being and awareness with others goes unrecognized, too.

Empaths have their own language.

It’s a language filled with metaphors and similes attempting to describe a deeper human experience.

Linguists are very aware that language defines a culture. It also confers borders on who you think you are and what is considered important and valued. The Quechua language of the Andean natives has over 50 words to describe the nuances of LOVE. According to McFarlane, Scottish Gaelic has over 44 words to describe the tops of mountains. To those whose survival depends upon a mountainous landscape, the specifics of mountain tops is critical to survival and also to the heart connection to their land.  Language reveals and conceals.

When your language does not support your experience of the world, what happens? Life becomes confusing. You can dissociate, create a false identity that blends with the culture or become withdrawn and feel empty. Also, in the same issue of Emergence Magazine, the loss of language and its impact on Native American tribes is featured in an enlightening media presentation. Listening to the native language speakers opened my heart and allowed me to feel their meaning even when I didn’t understand the words. Their language includes an awareness of space, place, and connection. Life is not objectified, place is as important as person, heart is harmonized with mind and heaven and earth form the vessel for life. Nothing is separate. Empaths can appreciate this.

Have you ever listened to a group of empaths speaking with each other?

I had the opportunity to listen for an entire week at The Enlightened Empath Retreat held in Silver City, NM, in mid-June. You should have heard the giggles, seen the smiles, and the relaxed looks as empath spoke to empath. The stress of trying to put into words what they felt and sensed in the subtle worlds was gone and was replaced with a beautiful communal understanding. There was a common understanding that if the words were hard to come by, the feeling was “felt” and understood through the airways that we breathe together.

Some of the snippets went like this:

—Did you just feel that?

—It’s so nice to be in nature so my nervous system can rest.

—Listen, do you hear Mother Earth speaking to us?

—Let’s sit in the light together.

—Your heart is so beautiful.

—Did you ever blurt out what the other person was thinking and just know everyone thought you were crazy?

—Have you ever been so overwhelmed with heavy energies that you were immobilized and couldn’t move a muscle or think a clear thought?

—How do you release the pain you feel from and for others?

—How do you know when your thoughts are your own?

—I’m feeling exhausted and ill, I need to reground and release this heavy energy.

—Is it OK if we sit in silence, I need spaciousness right now?

—Will you help me ground, I’m feeling a little lost.

—Can you ground and center your energy? Being around ungrounded energy is difficult for me.

—That bird just chimed in on our conversation.

—Were you triggered by what I said? I felt your reaction.

—I know I felt his anger, but when I asked him about it, he denied it.

—You look so pretty in green energy!

These snippets are the attempts to share a sense of the subtle. I was a little surprised at how important it was for this group of empaths to be with each other. They couldn’t stop chatting, comparing experiences, visions, dreams, and the subtle world they live in. A huge sigh of relief seemed to happen simultaneously when each one realized they were with their tribe.

The many blessings I’ve experienced since retreat have been deep and soulful. My continued awakening and journey validate my feelings of having at long last found my tribe, my place, and my meaning in this creation. Blessings All  —Andrea S.

Empaths need a new language that recognizes the spiritual nuance and dimensional depth of unity, light, and love. We need a language of connection instead of separation. My hope is that more people will wake up to their innate ability to sense the subtle and begin to relate to more dimensions than the “thinking-doing” dimension. We would become more telepathic, able to understand in non-verbal and more heart-centered ways and be capable of living from Oneness, the true state of being.

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  1. Mary Ann Chambers

    My goodness, Sarah, this is fantastic. Thank you for posting it. Since the retreat, I have shifted in re-prioritizing certain aspects of my life. I find that creating more “stillness” for myself, I can relate more to “language”…it is if I am hearing differently.


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