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What is Your Greatest Purpose this Lifetime?

August 30, 2019

What is the most significant gift you have as a person tuned in to the world of subtle energies?

How does that gift determine your life purpose?

Is it a gift that will make you lots of money or very popular?

Probably not, unless you are a professional intuitive guide, psychic, healer, or hired as a corporate shaman!

Can it be incorporated into whatever you do and wherever you are? Yes!

Your greatest gift is your ability to sense, see, feel, and know chaotic, toxic, confused and false thoughts, feelings, intentions, and energies.

You can probably sense toxicity, lies, and chaotic energies like a Geiger counter detects radiation! You know where the blind spots are. Transparency is a good thing. We need more of it!

Your purpose is to refine your subtle awareness, so you become a wise expression of what you know.

It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, what you look like, how wealthy you are, or your life history. Nor is it about the superficial judgments you encounter daily. Of course, there is resistance to Truth and Transparency. It’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses, become spiritually sober and mature, and share your gift with the world as a responsible spiritual adult.

When you grow into your wisdom you realize that life is not what you hoped it would be. You understand that you have a responsibility to yourself and to the world to be true to who you are. And in your wisdom, you learn to listen and follow the guidance that nudges you to stand up and speak and or patiently sit in silence until the opportunity to express your truth opens up.

The shadow side of not sharing your gift is this:  When you encounter resistance, which you will, you probably turn your self-criticism inward and tell yourself you are worthless, that no one wants to know what you know and continue with negative self-talk until you spiral downward into lost and confused.  It’s up to you to stop the downward spiral and negative self-talk and embrace who you are: You are someone who senses the underlying truth of life.  You are tuned in to where we need to heal and realign with the higher frequencies and light.

Your first step is acknowledging and embracing the truth you know. It may not be the whole truth, it may even be mired in projection and fear. But there are hints of wisdom in what you know and you can clear away the debris to expose it. Don’t deny what you know, explore it, expose it, embrace it and then explore it some more.  Be kind and patient, ask for inner guidance and wise counsel, the clarity will come and you might even experience a rare moment of peace.

Seek out a special friend or mentor that will support your inner awakening. Be willing to engage in dialogue that is truly reciprocal and open. Most people are not skilled in this type of conversation, they will tend to judge and jump to self-serving conclusions. Seek out community and friendships that allow for open-ended discovery and realizations.  It’s so helpful to you and others to have discussions that arrive at truth and understanding. It’s a tough road to try to do this all by yourself.

As spiritual empaths and sensitives, your purpose is to reveal the path to greater health, wisdom, truth, and Oneness. Training and guidance from mentors is very helpful when finding your footing on the path to your purpose. Appreciating the intuitive arts is new to our culture and the spiral of planetary ascension will shed more light on the importance of inner wisdom and subtle energies as time moves on. Until then, accept the gifts you have, cultivate and refine them, BUT don’t wait until you are perfect to express them!  Waiting is different than tuning into the guidance. Waiting puts a hold on guidance. Guidance is available every second no matter how imperfect you are! Now that you think of it, isn’t it funny to think you only receive guidance at “special” moments! Life is not meant to be put on hold, guidance is everywhere and continuous. As spiritual empaths and sensitives, you are lucky! You can tune into the spirit of guidance readily. Don’t let the toxicity of judgment and illusion derail your path.

You deserve to be here, to have a necessary place and space in our world. I’ve hidden behind the veil of “normal”, or what I thought was normal and it didn’t work out.  Is it working for you?

When we are in tune with higher frequencies and light we tend to deny our “human-ness” and as a result of the slow process of integrating higher wisdom with our human-ness we become invisible, hiding behind being “normal”. You don’t have to hide nor do you have to wait. Practice tuning into guidance moment-by-moment, clear your energies daily to reveal your shining self, express your truth as you know it and do your best.  You might surprise yourself and whisper words of wisdom at the most unexpected time!




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  1. Barbara Parsons

    Thank you, Sarah, from the bottom if my heart for so freely sharing your wisdom. You are like an oasis in the desert of “normal” thought.

  2. Becky McLoughlin

    What a living promise, thank you! Thank you for being a mentor to turn to and share the evolution with. I am embracing and integrating with more ease and I know that is a gift of your guidance.

  3. Mary Ann Chambers

    Just read this this morning…looking out at the garden and trees. What a wonderful way to begin my day…a reminder of my Truth. I “feel” it, and am greatly encouraged to be Me. Thank you, Sarah.


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