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Direct Awakening of the Guru Within

September 15, 2019

Is it possible to be initiated into the spiritual mysteries directly?

The answer is YES.

In the past gurus were the lineage carriers of the spiritual mysteries, and this is still true today. As recently as 10 years ago if you wanted to quicken your spiritual growth you became the student of an enlightened teacher. We are so thankful for those teachers who held aloft the light of truth so that the flame of living wisdom was not extinguished during the darkest times. But, and this is a big but, with the huge shifting of planetary consciousness to a higher frequency it is possible to receive your initiation and activation directly from within, below, and above.  In the new spiritual paradigm, the possibility of a direct and spontaneous awakening of the guru within is not only possible but may just be the way of the future.

I’m not trashing the wisdom teachers. I’m not pushing them aside as if they are antiquated or no longer needed. That is not my point. It is the light of their being that has made possible this new direct awakening that is happening for many today. They have ushered in the new paradigm.

Once you experience a direct awakening you have even more respect and appreciation for those who had prior awakenings. They become your virtual/etheric cosmic community, your respected elders, brothers, and sisters. And they can still be your guides on the path. Most importantly though, when you have a direct planetary initiation you realize that the power for enlightenment resides within your heart and that no one has more power, more light, more love than you. It is not a competition for enlightenment, it is a shared Oneness that is realized. One of the mix-ups in the guru system is the way they become idols of worship and more power is given to them than to yourself. When a teacher does not lead you to your guru within then abuse of power is in play.

The role of the spiritual teacher is to HELP awaken your inner guru, ASSIST you along the spiritual path, and provide a BEACON when you go on a wild tangent. They do this subtlety and with such finesse, that you may not even notice that you are receiving help. They know they are receiving help and guidance from the unseen world and from their teachers.  They know a living stream of wisdom existed before them and will exist after them. A true teacher would never claim to “own” spiritual teachings nor reduce them to the profit-margin mentality of the merchant world.

What I’ve just credited to the spiritual teacher can be credited to your heart wisdom, to one cell in your body, to Mother Earth, to the Cosmos, Kundalini, or to Nature.  The living perennial wisdom pervades our being so ubiquitously that we don’t even notice it.  But, the universal living intelligence can notice us!

We can receive a spontaneous call from universal living intelligence at any moment. One moment we are sleeping and the next we are awake. Eckhart Tolle describes his spontaneous awakening very beautifully in his first book, The Power of Now, which has become a spiritual classic.

Another beautiful description of spontaneous awakening is described by Dorothy Walters in this Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview.

I see spontaneous awakening happening more often now. We hear about it more often because we are in contact with everyone on the planet! When you do have a spontaneous awakening, some call it a Kundalini awakening, it’s often a shock and can send tremors through your life. The contrast between awake and asleep is almost indescribable. You can’t control or make a spontaneous planetary initiation happen but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention to the phenomena. I believe that more people will find their inner guru waking up soon. We need to understand this experience, what it means, and how to nurture it wisely and appreciate the truth and light sourcing the experience. Often it wakes up a need for authenticity, transparency, awareness of the subtle worlds, higher frequency living, and creative ways of bringing spirit to life. It can be confusing but it shouldn’t be suppressed, ignored or dismissed out of ignorance or outdated beliefs about spiritual awakening.

The criteria for enlightened consciousness has been held by the wisdom schools as well as in sacred texts and oral teachings. One awakening experience does not an enlightened being make. But it certainly opens the door to the enlightened path. How many people have told you they had a spontaneous experience of cosmic consciousness 30  or 40 years ago only to have suppressed or ignored it because they didn’t know what to do from there? Are we sitting on the wisdom that has been available to us all along only because it was not socially acceptable, valued or cloaked in religious robes? I hope all who have had profound inner awakening will resurrect their experience and bring it to life now!


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