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October 31, 2019

Perceptive Not Absorbant 

Shift Your Identity to Highly Perceptive Instead of Highly Sensitive

It’s common for those who perceive beyond the physical into the subtle realms to be called “sensitives” and be considered “too sensitive” for this world.

When you internalize “too sensitive” as an identity, you devalue the power of your natural talent and become a victim, relegated to the outlands of society.  When you are “too” anything in our culture, there is an assumption that you don’t fit in and are not worthy of a voice.  It’s time to wake up from this hypnotic spell.  You are not too sensitive for this world; you are highly perceptive. You know what lies beyond the surface, you see what others don’t.  You are exactly what the world needs to help humanity evolve.

When you trace the roots of your absorbancy, your ability to pick up on the full multi-dimensional range of frequencies, feelings, sensations, and thoughts, you’ll realize that perception precedes absorption. There would be nothing to absorb if some part of you had not perceived it. Thinking of yourself as highly perceptive will help you create distance between the world and you. Take a step back, pause and silence your inner agitation enough to realize you are perceiving and processing an enormous amount of information in a vibrational form. You are perceiving the subtle realms that form the framework for 3-D life. Take this in. Appreciate your subtle perception and magnify it. Let yourself identify as someone who is highly perceptive instead of highly absorbent. When you take this path you’ll discover more than you ever imagined about the world of subtle energies and find more opportunities for expressing your unique point of view.

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