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Vibes Speak Louder Than Words

December 10, 2019

I walked into a store the other day and saw a woman wearing a t-shirt with the words “Vibes Speak Louder than Words” on the front. Her shirt validated my entire life in 5 words! The phrase, Vibes Speak Louder Than Words, sums up the empath experience perfectly.

When I saw that t-shirt I knew that empaths and the rest of the highly sensitive and sixth sense perceptive beings have finally found a place and space in our culture. We have come out of the shadows and are able to speak the truth we’ve had to hide.

In a world where vibrations speak louder than words, truth can’t be ignored. Words can obscure the truth, feelings and logic can twist it, but vibrations are measurable and quantifiable. Just imagine, we can prove the validity of vibrations easier than we can prove the meaning of words!

One day all humans will discover they have a sixth sense, the ability to sense beyond the five physical senses. Empaths are well aware of vibrational communication. It is our primary mode for interfacing with the world. When empaths are able to put some distance between themselves and who they are empathically merging with, they discover they are actually more telepathic than empathetic.

We are well on our way to that day and I look forward to a world where telepathic communication is the norm. Telepathy is able to communicate frequency, vibration, words, and meaning more directly and succinctly.  It also bridges the gap between cultures, as well as bringing the heart and mind into harmony. Empathy and telepathy go together, they are both forms of vibrational communication.

My Introduction to Telepathy

In the early 1970’s I met with one staff member of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).  SRI is where remote viewing was researched and developed as a tool for the US Army.  My friend, Stan, (not his real name) and I were volunteering at an organic farm for a day. We picked lettuce and boxed it up and drove it to the San Francisco Food Coop. During his time at SRI Stan had developed his telepathic ability to a masterful level. I was always a bit psychic and highly empathic, but I had never consciously carried on a telepathic conversation for almost an entire day. His telepathic ability was so powerful he had no problem sending his vibrational thoughts to my mind and hearing my vibrational replies back. Our conversations were so easy and comfortable. He was like an adept who did not judge, he was present and appreciated the experience as much as I did.

At first, I didn’t recognize that he was sending thoughts into my mind. My monkey mind was on full crazy display. Then some very clear thoughts broke through and they were clearer than any thoughts I’ve ever had. I could tell immediately that they weren’t mine, they were just so CLEAR! I can’t forget those words, they were deeply impressed on my mind as if typed on a blank sheet of paper. My mind was focused and clear. The words, their meanings, and feelings were communicated instantaneously. Misinterpretation wasn’t possible. The vibrational pathways were open between us and all could be known and seen, nothing could be hidden.

I looked up at him while pulling a bunch of Romain from the earth, smiled and he nodded his head. Yes, this was really happening.

It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of speaking this way. It was the same as speaking out loud but better. It was quicker and words flowed with ease. I didn’t spend time hesitating and worrying about what I was going to say. Of course, that would be useless because he could read my mind like an open book. I felt relief, connection, communion, understanding, and happiness. We spent one day together in the lettuce fields, eating at a beautiful restaurant in Big Sur, stopping at SRI so he could show me his research area, and dropping off the lettuce at the food coop.  We navigated the entire day without speaking out loud, except when necessary to place our orders at the restaurant and to interface with others who were not on our wavelength.

How can anyone forget that type of experience? There were no drugs involved, nothing manipulative, invasive or disrespectful occurred.  His integrity was impeccable. I wish that honesty and integrity were essential to the cultivation of our higher level senses, but I’m afraid history has shown that it is not so. I was blessed to have this heightened experience at a young age. A whole new world opened to me that day. For one day I had the fortune of being with a true gentleman, a bright spirit, who was dedicated to learning all he could about the evolved human.

I’ve had telepathic experiences with Peruvian shamans, Buddhist, Taoist and Sufi teachers, angels, light beings, flowers, trees, wolves, nomes, nature spirits, star beings, and beings I have no idea who they are or where they come from.  The list is actually longer, but you get the point. Clarity, succinctness, a sense of loving communion and connection, with no confusion or antagonism, always accompanied my telepathic experiences. We seemed to be able to express our unique viewpoint and come to a consensus easily. Telepathy seems to encourage harmony among people. I look forward to the day when everyone understands that indeed, vibes speak louder than words.

See this article from The Conversation for further information on “Vibes!”

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  1. Carla Kramer

    Thank you Sarah. I understand more fully now what draws me to certain people. They emanate “good vibes,” and I’m finding them everywhere. Blessings to you.

  2. Penny Shemo

    So very beautiful to know that this can really happen – and that the future bodes well. Just thinking about all this makes me happy.

  3. Becky McLoughlin

    I am so grateful for your ability and willingness to share. There is more space and permission to explore. Thank you!


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