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Don’t Let the World Close in on You

January 31, 2020

The ride into 2020 has been pretty bumpy. Bumpy doesn’t mean bad. It just means we have to learn how to navigate bumpy terrain. You don’t want to contract and tighten. Stay centered and allow your being to flex with the terrain.

I’m thinking of skiers who fly over moguls on the slopes. They love feeling their body respond with strength, agility, and power to the challenge of the course. 2020 is a year where we will discover just how brilliantly agile we are.

Every day will be new and fresh in 2020. We can celebrate a Happy New Year every day.

On January 1 when we celebrate the new year we feel hope and excitement. We view it as the beginning of a new cycle with new possibilities.  In 2020 each day brings a new cycle to celebrate. Our cycles are shortened to 24 hours instead of 365 days. Wow, that’s a huge change of perspective!

New paths and perspectives are available every day now. Energies flowing into our consciousness are pointing to a new way of being. We are in the process of transforming into a new version of ourselves. We are becoming more intuitive, telepathic, and multi-dimensional. Happening on the energy field level and filtering into our body and brain we are feeling the effect of being transformed. It’s all heading in a positive, direction, filled with light, but break downs happen before breakthroughs.

I’ve seen many doctors throwing their hands up and saying “I don’t know.” Strange illnesses are popping up.  Head scratching symptoms are coming out of nowhere. Sleep is turning into a nightmare for many.  The individual contributing factors are numerous, but the broader perspective shows a picture of a world transitioning to a new consciousness.

Congratulations, you are living during one an exciting moment in time. Speaking of time we are moving out of the space-time continuum that we are conditioned to. Are you noticing that time is not what it used to be? Our body and mind get conditioned to segments of time. Our health depends on a steady rhythm. The earth’s pulse of 7.82 mgh is shifting. When the earth rhythm shifts our physiology, thinking and feeling shift. Remember a time when you were dizzy or lost your sense of balance, were you able to think straight?

I’m sure most of you can sense the length of a minute. Every aspect of our consciousness has been timed to the 24 hour, 60 minute, 60 second cycle. I’m sure most of you can sense the length of a minute in your breath and bones. As the earth moves through the milky way and the magnetic poles shift, our sense of time and space change too. This means our biology will change too. Matter and time are intricately related. Those who feel the subtle world experience the influx of higher frequencies permeating us and the earth. The new version of us will be centered in the subtle energy world instead of the material world. Subtle will be the new normal.

Learning to let go and respond to the call of the new frequencies requires the same resiliency and flexibility as the mogul skier. Release and relax into the ride and you’ll discover a joy that eludes you. Experiencing wholeness through relaxation, release, and acceptance will allow you to be centered in the higher frequencies and more a little more gracefully through 2020.

Setting An Intention to Help You Through the Shift

I can hear the groans how. How hard do I have to work to feel more positive, to have hope, to feel better? You don’t have to work at all. It’s about releasing and relaxing, a sort of dropping off the grid of continuous striving and achieving and dropping into your own being with its own rhythm and purpose. Will you lose your job, friends, wealth, and home if you do this? No, you will do all the things you’ve always done but with a different inner attitude. You are allowed to be relaxed and centered throughout life. Studies have shown that people get more done when they are relaxed and able to respond to changing conditions than when they are in a fixed anxious state.

What if you added one new intention to your morning routine? Try this one.

I can enjoy this day in a relaxed and positive mood. I don’t have to let the toxicity of others invade my personal space. I won’t let the chaos of the world determine my inner state. I will bring my full presence and attention to my work, my words, and my relationships. Whether others appreciate me or not is not important, I give off better vibes when I am present and this will help clear up any misunderstandings that arise. 

Don’t let the world close in on you. Expand and flex your consciousness with each new day!

Let me know how this works for you!  The Smiling Universe Series begins February 3. Check it out here.


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  1. Mary Ann Chambers

    Thank you so much, Sarah. The phrasing “ don’t let the world close in on you” spoke volumes to several of my thoughts and experiences these days.So pleased for all the “ teachings” and all the classes…grateful for the “preparation “…and understanding as a consequence. Looking forward to Monday evenings class.


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