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Flow Not Fear

March 12, 2020

I hate the feeling of being swept up in mass panic and fear. How do you feel about it? I prefer FLOW over fear.

I feel out of control, uncentered, anxious, and powerless when I let external forces take over my inner space. Even when I’m ill, when things are going downhill, it’s not an excuse to join with fear. It’s a conscious choice to protect your joy and peace.

I admit it takes a bit of soul muscle to rise above fear. So when you look at the options before you, are you going to choose fear or flow?
We are ready for the test. You’ve been preparing in yoga classes, by reading spiritual teachings, and by practicing meditation and mindfulness. We can find peace in a peaceful atmosphere, but can we maintain it in a crisis? At some point, the authenticity of our spiritual practice is tested. Can we stay centered and calm in the whirlwind? It’s incredible how much confidence you gain when you prove to yourself that you can remain calm and centered during a panic attack or a pandemic.

I’ve never seen a panic like this in my 68 years of life. The air is thick with fear as the threats to our health and wealth mount. Which one worries you more? What are you doing to balance the energy on the planet?

I’m not in denial about the pandemic taking over the world, but I’m not going to let it whip me into a panic. I know I’m more capable and can see more options and possibilities when I’m calm and centered.
We pull in multi-dimensional forces when extreme emotions draw us into both negative or positive states. Why don’t we consciously attract the positive, healing power of the universe, to help strengthen our immune systems and dispel confusion? Let’s call in the angels, the light beings, the masters, saints, and prophets, to cure everyone. Let your heart open up, go beyond politics and political borders, allow the pure radiant consciousness to surround us all in light and healing. Don’t stop at a few people you might know, ask for blessings, and the most optimal outcome for all of humanity.

Bring the best of you forward. Be in your higher consciousness and flow. You’ll feel so much better, and so will everyone else.


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  1. Patricia Gallup

    Thank you so very,very much, Sarah.
    I must say that I’m not comfortable with this current using of the word “isolation” in dealing with our current situation. I understand where it’s coming from but I feel better with “Staying in Touch without touching”

  2. Becky McLoughlin

    Thank you! I feel a deep permission to continue to be aware and return to my own center for guidance and support.


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