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Is Telepathic Communication the Next Frontier

March 27, 2020

The Healer by Ellen Dreibelbis

For those who have been reading my blog all along, this information is not new, but it is pertinent to our planetary situation right now.  The pandemic has demonstrated that we are close to total technological connection. We are working from home, connecting wirelessly for all of our physics, mental, and emotional needs, and virtually living a virtual existence. It reminds me of something I’ve known since November, 15, 1970.

I had a very deep mystical experience on that day. My entire life was shown to me on the movie screen of my mind, from start to finish. All the spiritual wisdom I needed for an entire lifetime was downloaded and activated that evening.  I became fully telepathic from that day on and the marvels of our human consciousness have been revealed parallel with the great technological advancements of our times. My sixth-sense faculties activated in tandem with our advances in wireless technology.

Now that we know we are technologically connected will we finally realize we are telepathically connected too? The pandemic has moved us inside, to electronic connectivity beyond time and space. Will it also turn us inward, to our mystical heart, where time and space cease to exist and the world-wide-web is created out of human consciousness?

What if our mind/body constellation is the most sophisticated technology there is? Anyone who has experienced the wonders of human consciousness knows that we are the first wireless tech, the ground zero for every wireless technology that has ever been created. The matrix of life is the medium through which our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations are connected. Every mystic knows this and quantum physicists have proven it too.

The miracles of healing, mental telepathy, empathic and intuitive knowing, dream communication, out-of-body travel, remote viewing, telekinesis,  all of the sixth-sense abilities, plant medicines for psychedelic healing, shamanic soul journeys, and near-death experiences, prove we are intimately connected and communicating beyond time and space all the time. If the military is willing to depend upon remote viewing to protect our county, why shouldn’t we use the same skill to remote view, diagnose, and heal our organs and bones or washing machines and refrigerators? Our capacity to engage our heightened senses has been demonstrated beyond doubt by thousands of scientists and mystics yet we still refuse to believe in the power of human consciousness.

If we spend as much time and expense exploring the magic of human consciousness as we do exploring the stars and the bottom of the oceans, we will find treasures beyond belief. Then, maybe, our world will shift and move in a positive direction. We will discover what I’ve discovered. It all comes down to LOVE. Love is the propelling force in the universe creating, sustaining, and maintaining the amazing human consciousness. When we discover the power of love, which erases all time and distance, the door will open for us to embrace the wonders of our true being.


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  1. Julia

    I see this as well!

    As the pandemic social distancing started, I was having dreams nightly of talking with hundreds of people though we had not seen each other physically in a very long time. We we communication and visiting each other in a new paradigm, a new time and space reality. As I woke and felt for the meaning of my dreams, I knew that this era is the beginning of telepathic communication. Covid gave us time to be home, get quiet and go inward to align with this very “new” and special energy that is permeating the planet.

  2. Shandra Muniz

    You have no idea how much this blog just enlightened me & my exhistance.. My birthday is 11-15-80 and if this day means as much to you, you can only imagine and empathize completely with me. I want to thank you with every bit of my soul.


    Beautiful article and awareness that we truly are all connected in a supportive and nurturing universe. May we all learn to respect our diversity and grow in awareness!!!

  4. Tracey Dolan

    Thank you, Sarah, for encouraging us to “see.” Your message is so logical; as we move quickly through this, hopefully our old paradigm will appear ‘illogical,’ thus we won’t be able to operate as we had before.


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