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Hello Joy!

May 3, 2020

I’m sharing my joy with you today. Spring is the time of joy. During these confusing times where we are facing the unknown and a lot of confusion, let’s focus for a moment on joy!

Those of you who know my background have heard that since birth, light beings have been my constant companions. They light up my spiritual path, introduced me to Mother Earth and Father Sky, take me on rides into the stars, and are always there to light my way.  Through their eyes, I see life beyond our earth, and through their heart, I live in the Heart of the Mother. I always see the light behind the darkness because of their golden presence.

The golden spheres radiate joy and wisdom throughout the cosmos. When you settle deep into your heart and become spiritually embodied, your bubble or energy sphere lights up and becomes an Orb too.  When you enter and align with your golden sphere consciousness, you become visible to your fellow light beings.

The Golden Orbs remind you of your lightness of being. They are the lineage carriers of joy. Imagine beautiful golden orbs zooming around the universe as the collective consciousness of joy.

Joy is just as sacred as love and light. Joy bubbles up through your being from your root chakra. Effervescent, naturally buoyant, and uplifting, it is an essential sacred emotion. When guided by feminine wisdom, joy is like the eagle that soars beyond the clouds directly towards the sun. All that is dense and heavy is broken up and dissolved by joy.

The energy of joy is more than just a good feeling. All emotions are a form of energetic information. Pause, step back, and decode feeling as frequency. Decoding the message of joy shows us its upward force spreading wisdom and light through your cells. Joy is a vibration letting you know you are supported.

You are a golden orb too. Tune into your golden sphere and become familiar with your energetic boundaries. True boundaries are intelligent, responsive, and vibrate your essence into a physical presence.  Feel the width and breadth of your sphere and find the outer membrane that is vibrating and forming a protective field around you. The entire sphere is you, not just your body. Extend your identity to include your golden field.  Instead of trying to protect yourself with artificial boundaries, build up your golden sphere through energy awareness, and experience the natural joy of being. You are allowed to be joyful, to dance with the clouds, sing with the birds, and blossom like the flowers. Welcome joy into your heart today.


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  1. Darlene Cocherell

    Love Harmony Beauty and JOY.. Just came across this after my morning meditation.. It brought a big smile to my face and Joy to my heart.. Thinking of you right now and sending Joy from my heart to your Joyous heart..
    Waves of Loving Energy.. Darlene
    P.S Love the Orbs !!!!

  2. Becky McLoughlin

    Oh the joy that bubbles forth from reading this, thank you! There has been this pull to play more and laugh deeper and celebrate with Mother Earth. Thank you for your words to describe the experiences I have been having. Hugs!

  3. Mary Ann Chambers

    On Friday, I had the experience of that “joy’…it was wonderful, sweet, happy…all of the words that describe “joy’. I so agree as Andrea described…such great lessons learned.

  4. Wendy Collura

    Dearest Sarah,
    This resonates deeper with me and my experience in meditation this morning. I love the image of the Golden Orb, as a palpable reality.
    Thank you for putting words to this for me.
    I love you, 💜

  5. Andrea Schlenkerman

    Thanks, Sarah!! I agree!! For all the darkness there has been great joy and learned lessons! Never will all our blessings be taken for granted again!! Simple pleasures like the warm sun on my back as I enjoy ME (Mother Earth) just one of many!💖💖💖Blessings,All!


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