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Riding the Silver Light of the Solstice and Eclipse

June 16, 2020

Coming up this Saturday is a very powerful solstice. It is coupled with a solar eclipse that is not visible from the states. The tide is rising, the waves of light are aligning with higher and higher frequencies. When you tune in this weekend, go deep. Be the lineage carrier of the Love frequency. Tune in to the silver light wave that carries the Love frequency through the spiral of life and be informed, be transformed, and be formed by the source energy of Love.

What does it mean to ride a wave of light?

You’ve been doing it all your life, yet you’re not aware of it!

Waves are the energies that carry all the information that creates the material world. Depending on which aspect of the wave you tune into, you discover more and more about the multiverse we live in.

During the solstice period, about three days before and after the actual solstice the opportunity to tune in and experience your individual wave riding the cosmic wave is available through quieting the mind and listening with the heart.

The Heart of the Mother is teaching her children the fundamentals of living a multi-dimensional life. As any good mother does, she shows us the beauty of life and how to create harmony and peace. She shows how to become the wave and the particle, in quantum terms. The wave and particle are never separate, they are different forms of the same information, the same light, and rise out of the same universal source. You are pure information, the entire universe is pure information. We are “informed” by the constant center in order to ride the waves of change that make up the particle form of life.

Letting go of the grip we have on a frigid reality, we discover that the “I is a Lie”.   When you look at a music manuscript you see several horizontal lines forming the background for the notes. The notes would mean nothing without the lines. There is no context, no ability to discern specific notes, no way to play the symphony without the background holding the notes in position. Each note is part of a whole sound, an entire song, with a message. Your life is the message that can only be interpreted by the background matrix that holds it in place. Connect to the cosmic wave and you will understand the purpose of your life.

The wave energy of the solstice never begins or ends. It is source infinitely spiraling with life springing up through portal node points. Our earth is a portal node point but we forget that it sprang up from the infinite wave. We are but one in the infinite portals of living energies that form a specific type of life. Our particular frequency on earth is the frequency of LOVE. It may be hard to believe but that is the wave frequency that flows through the earth portal and forms the foundation of life here. It is in our best interest to tune into the wave frequency of Love and let our lives be informed by the Love frequency. We would then grow closer to our foundational wave.

When we tune into The Heart of the Mother she tells us to listen. She tells us “Hush, Listen,”. So essential to our thriving is this instruction that she will do everything she can to get us to tune in. Her goal is to see her children survive and thrive, stand on their own two feet, as children of Mother Earth and Father Sun. Children who will grow up to be the teachers and guides to their generation, the wisdom carriers that pass the lineage and connection to the Love wave into the future.

How many of you consider yourself as lineage carriers of the wisdom that belongs to the earth portal node? Reach back into the ancient memories and remember your birthing into this realm. Ride the subterranean cosmic wave that carried you into existence. As Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the center of the galaxy mark an axial point where dimensions open to clear, cleanse, and restore our wholeness and true self, we have access to our original codes and the information that brought us to this dimension.


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  1. Carla

    Thank you for reminding me that I AM, that I began in the wave and came here for a purpose. Lately it’s been hard to see, but the reminder has made my heart sing again. Blessings.

  2. char frires

    What a Perfect Analogy! The musical staff as context for the notes: the cosmic wave as context for the amalgamation of matter. It helps to have a concept to explain a feelingtruth. Thank you so much…..for the great AHA! ( xoxoxoxoxox )


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