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Eclipse: Time for Your Soul Reunion

November 29, 2020

Beyond the Void: Eclipse and Soul Reunion

Avoid the void! This should be the rallying cry of western culture!

Everyone feels empty in some way. The void makes its presence known in all that we think and do. Everything about material culture is a distraction, not a fulfillment.  The 11/30/2020 eclipse changes the course of human history.

The full moon eclipse in Gemini, the sign of the twin energies, may be interpreted as the time of soul reunion.  Gemini has been portrayed as divided by two energies, one spacey and one extremely analytic. When we think of Geminis we think of them as forever split in a tug of war with themselves.  Viewing the Gemini archetype from 5D consciousness we can see another interpretation of the polarized twins. Gemini’s higher purpose is the unification of opposites. In the case of this eclipse, we are looking at the reuniting of the split between your soul with your life.

This eclipse propels us beyond polarities to Oneness and opens a portal that makes Oneness more possible than ever.  The course is set to shed the struggle inherent in polarity consciousness and move into harmony and wholeness.

During the already activated portal opening, your soul will meet you, greet you, and reunite you with all that has been missing. The void will be filled and you will be on the road to feeling whole once again.

Focus on the Eclipse Frequencies

Eclipses are portal openings, they allow aspects of our world that are usually hidden, to appear and reveal the mysterious. We are a projection of an over-soul that is universal and lives in the Oneness of the Divine. When we project our consciousness into existence we stream our consciousness into another dimension. It feels like a separation from our soul but we are never truly separated.  Just like a show streaming on your digital device, it seems like it’s “on your device”, but it’s not, even when you download it, it’s a fractal of the whole, not separate from the whole.

Focus on the Frequency of the eclipse. Tune into the portal opening by going within, relaxing, and inviting the eclipse to reveal its mystery to you. Drop into deep alpha or theta state and become aware of your soul’s presence. Let deep healing begin. Your soul knows exactly what you need right now to feel better and to heal from the challenges of earth life.  We face many unknowns here, we are soul pioneers constantly on the edge of discovery. We like to push the pause button, to freeze the action so we can get some control over it, but there is no pause button in universal consciousness. There are a still point and a flow; they are not opposites, they exist simultaneously one within the other. When you are in the still point you know the flow and when you are in the flow you know the still point. You cannot control either of them with your limited mind.

New Energies, New Future

The Equinox is like a cosmic faucet. New, fresh energies will take you beyond familiar horizons into the new holy territory. These energies change our lives whether we are aware of them or not! Eclipse energies are the future happening now. Healing, aligning, flowing, and reuniting with your soul are the gifts of this eclipse. Invite the equinox energies to bathe your being and align you with the flow as it unfolds. Turn within, get quiet, focus on the frequencies, and let the reunion begin. In contemplation and silence, you will meet your soul, recognize yourself, and become whole and complete once again.

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