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Spiritual Authenticity: Who is to Judge?

December 6, 2020

Spiritual Authenticity: Who is to Judge?

Spiritual authenticity is a pertinent and challenging topic. We are in the middle of a vast planetary ascension that is deconstructing everything old to make room for the new.

All levels of our social, educational, political, financial, spiritual, medical, scientific, and interpersonal lives are experiencing upheaval. “Experts” flood your inbox with the latest and greatest fixes for the turmoil, but do they value integrity and authenticity?

It’s a historical fact that times of great change are fertile opportunities for people to prey on our fears and anxieties. We are all more susceptible to control and manipulation during such times. Many experts appear to offer solutions, and you want to believe them. But how do you know who is authentic and who is just out to make money or use you to claim their 15 minutes of fame?

I’m looking at the number of New Age/Spiritual/Health programs out there, and I see something for everyone. But what I don’t see or sense is the authenticity or integrity behind the claims. How in-depth are their knowledge and experience?

It is even more confusing because, in the new paradigm, we are moving away from organized religion and hierarchal traditions to self-discovery and the realization we are the source of our healing and divinity.

How do you know who to trust? Who is authentic? Who has a depth of experience and maturity to guide another?

I’m a skeptic, I admit. Having been a spiritual student for over 50 years now, I’ve seen many gurus come and go. Exposed as sexual predators and financial exploiters, many acclaimed gurus fell from grace. They had all the credentials of a master teacher, and yet they fell prey to the enticements of our western materialistic culture. I was devastated; it was truly disheartening. I wanted to believe in humankind’s beauty and the perennial truths of all spiritual teachings, but I skipped over the most important spiritual teaching of all.

Spiritual teachers exist to inspire you to connect to your soul, to your teacher within.


I was fortunate to have three authentic, trustworthy spiritual teachers. I have a reference point for actual authenticity and higher love. These teachers never wanted me to be dependent upon them; they each emphasized and supported my sovereignty and individuality. But despite all their efforts, I became dependent, and when they left this earth plane, I could no longer rely on their wise guidance. I finally had to do the work that was my work all along, connect to the same divine guidance and wisdom source that guided them.

Long-standing spiritual traditions, beautiful, inspiring, deep, and powerful traditions are due utmost respect for holding the light of truth through dark times. Their lineage holders perform a service beyond what we can ever imagine in our materialistic world. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater, but our spiritual practice needs to mature into one of self-responsibility, accountability, and authenticity.

Now we are at a point where millions of people offer spiritual advice and claim to know the “Truth.”  And we can see it, read it, and listen to it through our headphones, on our devices, and in the millions of spiritual books offered online. I find it pretty overwhelming.

This phenomenon of a master on every street corner is not going away soon. There is too much to gain for those who are out to benefit from the moment’s trends. I can offer a few points that might be helpful. Each point points back to you. You are the master of your path and can discern what is useful for you or not. Of course, the path has its ups, downs, spirals, and surprises. These are much more digestible when you are confident, discerning, and centered within.

  1. Everyone’s truth is relative. If someone’s program and ideas are inspiring for you or help relieve your suffering, that’s wonderful. Take the method but leave the idol-worshipping behind. Taking in the information, applying it to your life, and transforming yourself makes you the expert, the authentic one.
  2. If you are intuitive, trust your gut. All the words might sound good, but what is the energy behind the words? Check it out. Words are imbued with energy, and even when they sound just right, you may be taking on the author/speaker’s heavy energy.
  3. Make sure your truth meter is in good working order. Watch for synchronicities, symbols, and dreams that indicate you are tuned into a path that is truly good for you. Don’t ignore the warning signs in your dreams, on a license plate, or on the side of a truck.
  4. If a book falls off the shelf, read it. If a podcast or song shows up spontaneously, listen.
  5. Learn to trust your gut, take off the rose-colored glasses, and listen with your heart.
  6. It is our interpretation of whatever we hear, read, or believe that makes the biggest difference. You can learn a lot from a thief, charlatan, or snake charmer; just make sure your wallet is safe.
  7. Know your vulnerabilities, be honest with yourself, and learn to see when you project your thoughts and feelings on another.
  8. Inspiration can be found everywhere you look. The most reliable teacher is nature; Mother Earth and Father Sky.
  9. Every cell of your body is a holy book when you know how to read energy and light.
  10. Seek inspiration in every moment; be passionate, and don’t be afraid of mistakes or being led astray.
  11. When you are confused, be patient until the truth surfaces, which it will.
  12. Be still when it’s time to be still and act when it is time to act. Don’t let time pressure lead you to abandon your inner timing.
  13. Integrity, honor, respect, and authenticity matter; they really do.
  14. Get comfortable with the unknown because we are in a huge time of discovery. What we’ve known no longer applies, but what we need to know has not appeared yet.
  15. Catch the wave of light flooding the planet now; you can feel and know spiritual light.
  16. The new paradigm values include collaboration, respect for individual contributions within the whole, and creativity. Spheres, circles, and flow are replacing top-down hierarchies. Learn to spot those who are in this frequency and alignment.

Navigating all the health and spiritual information available is challenging for everyone. Don’t fall into the “black and white” trap of polarized thinking. Everything we know is changing, and we are facing so many unknowns. This is a good thing – it means we are in store for many exciting developments, discoveries, and ascension experiences. Learning to tune into the higher frequencies that are bathing our consciousness now is a positive move. Your inner light will illuminate each next step you take towards spiritual authenticity.


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  1. Risè Kirbo

    The idea of “ spheres, circles and flow” vs top down mentality really speaks to me – I have felt it but didn’t have the words. As a budding artist, shapes play a large part in how I see the world. Using shapes as an energetic flow makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Betsy Muller

    Your message resonates with me today and I thank you for voicing many of the thoughts that have been swirling in my energy. Thank you for the wonderful guests you have brought on the podcast. You are modeling the authentic and sovereign soul path. I would be honored to serve your audience someday too.

  3. Lori Jones

    Wise words for a difficult time. All around me is change and opportunity for growth. I often feel anxiety about it. This filled me with some hope and good easy breathing.


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