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The Spiritual Consciousness of Empaths

February 14, 2021

The Spiritual Consciousness of Empaths

Note:  I write The Empath Portal, a monthly column on high-frequency guidance for empaths for The Sedona Journal of Emergence. The transmission is from The Heart of the Mother, a loving guide who has been with me for over 50 years. I will be sharing these articles with you through my newsletter and in the upcoming 2021 Enlightened Empath Training beginning March 20, 2021.  Enjoy!   

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The Heart of the Mother: You are brilliant. As your mother, I see you as no other sees you. I know you from the depths of your soul. Listen with your heart. You were born an empath with a specific purpose. You have a talent for sensing the subtle and the mysterious, that which is unspoken and that which, when expressed, will contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Empaths are channels of the higher dimensions. You have an innate sense of oneness, love, and wisdom. Your presence today shifts the matrix for tomorrow. Humanity will soon enjoy full-dimensional telepathic living, and you will have helped pave the way.

Finally, your time has arrived! All the years of living in a worldless swirl of vibration, dismissed for wanting to dive deeply into life, knowing more than others want you to know, and feeling the pain and suffering that others ignore are coming to an end. It’s time to learn about who you are, where you came from, and why you have not known your true self.

Know this about yourself:

  • You are the preview of the future Your world is moving toward telepathy, transparency, and unity, and you will lead the way. Your challenge is to excel at subtle energy perception while staying grounded in the current 3D world. When you master the world of subtle energy, you will recognize your true self in the form of frequency and vibration. You will know when your energies are mingling with others to the point of losing your own identity.
  • Centered in oneness and love, you naturally merge with everyone you know. Your challenge is to merge with universal love first. Love activates your wisdom and generates living, intelligent boundaries instead of false
  • You are an emanation of oneness in an individual Your challenge is to feel deserving and loved as an individual. You have not abandoned your oneness; you are expressing it creatively.
  • You are a mirror that reflects both the inner and outer
  • Your telepathic nature is now recognized as a heightened sense of awareness and not a weakness or shortcoming.

When you are tuned to oneness, as empaths are, it’s impossible to understand yourself without delving into the mysteries of consciousness. The beings of light and wisdom, the ancient ones, guide you to explore and release the bindings of illusion. You are multi-dimensional, telepathic, highly perceptive, and deeply loving.

The Empathic Merge

You easily merge with others. Why wouldn’t you? You know oneness with every cell of your being. It feels natural to join in unity with all sentient beings. Only a select number of beings on your planet understand this strong orientation toward unity. Those whom you call empaths, telepaths, intuitives, spiritual, and psychic understand we connect through a magnificent field of love. Distance does not exist for us.

Know that you are living at a time when people believe in distance and linear time. It is up to you to live your true being, just as it is up to them to live theirs. Learning to understand the empathic merge is essential to your well-being.

When you feel immobilized, confused, and overwhelmed by the energies of the world, pause and come back to your breath and your grounding. Your sense of self will return. It’s a relief to be you! It’s easy for you to lose your sense of self when your energy spreads outward. Breathe in and fill yourself with your energy. Draw your energy fibers inward through your attention and intention. Give yourself a minute or two; there is usually a delay in the effect.

With your energetic awareness, sense your energy when it radiates outward and when it reverses. When all your energy returns, it feels like coming home. Even though it feels natural to cast your energy out- ward to feel oneness, it is not the path to oneness.

Under the influence of humanity’s current consciousness, it feels logical to radiate outward to connect. Fifth-dimensional consciousness does not recognize distance and time as discreet and separate. Radiating outward to feel oneness in your current Earth form disperses your life force and creates a loss of self.

Invite your energy to return. Fill yourself with the radiance, love, and healing you send outward to others. Your energy will lead you to experience oneness most optimally for the current state of our planet. Believe in your life force; it is pure wisdom in an embodied form. Knowing yourself as an individual expression of oneness is unsettling for you. It does not feel natural. Learning to live as a fifth-dimensional being who unifies all polarities in the consciousness of love is your higher purpose.

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The Spiritual Consciousness of Empaths by Sarah Weiss:  Sedona Journal

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