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Mother Earth Speaks to Me?!

September 23, 2021

Mother Earth Speaks to Me for the First Time

Walk softly on Mother Earth.
Feel me beneath your feet.
Sink into me; I am the living Mother.
Merge with me, and enter the womb of creation.
Listen to my heartbeat, and know infinite love.
Allow my heartbeat to pulse through you and rejoice in your healing.
You and I, the Mother, are one.

From the concrete parking lot to the grass was only a few feet. I carried my camera and tripod, looking forward to immersing myself in the beauty of nature. If she granted me a few photos, I would be pleased. That was how I approached my photography: every image a gift, a possibility of holding on to the beauty I saw before me.

Somehow, mysteriously, in the space between my car and the curb, I crossed a threshold. A voice spoke. It sounded like my voice, yet it wasn’t. I could tell it wasn’t mine, because this voice had so much love and filled my being with extraordinary peace. Sadly, my voice never had that effect. “Feel your feet on the ground.” I stopped and planted both feet squarely on the ground. The first thing I noticed was that the grass was soft and spongy. “Feel the earth beneath your feet. It is me you are standing on. Walk softly in honor of my heart and yours.”

I did, at first feeling the grass and the dirt. I would have kept walking had I not noticed the tingling on the soles of my feet. As I tuned in to the feeling, life-giving love and energy streamed through me. I had never felt so vibrant and happy.

She said, “Let your energy sink into the earth.”

“Okay, what does that mean?” I wondered.

Answers came quickly. I felt my awareness drop out of my head and flow downward through my body, into my feet, and into the earth. It all happened so quickly that I couldn’t tell you how or why, but the voice carried nonverbal instructions on an invisible wavelength that my being immediately understood.

She said, “Merge with Earth. Enter her womb.”

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