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Turn on the Light in Your Mind

December 11, 2021

Did you know your mind is light? You can access your mind’s light through a process that takes you from visualization to a deep experience of immersion in the light of being.

When your mind is unruly, causing anxiety, confusion, and doubt, pause and breathe. Imagine your mind turning into a waterfall of light, cascading down through your body to your toes and back around to the top of your head. Imagine the cascade of light activating the light in the area around your heart, belly, and tailbone. When these waterfalls begin to stream as one, from head to toe and around, feel the harmony of the beautiful flow. Shifting from visualization to immersion means letting the feeling take over so that the visualization dissolves into an experience instead of an image. This practice may be done throughout the day. With a little practice, you can turn chaos into calm and achieve the flow state within a few seconds. Your mind is an amazing portal to higher consciousness, and it will thank you for recognizing that it is more than a tool to get through the day.

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